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Is common courtesy becoming a thing of the past?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cima2oo7, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Cima2oo7


    Aug 11, 2007
    Mountain Home, ID
    Warning: long post but tried not to rant.

    As of lately I've noticed that common courtesy as well as an attitude to help others is seemingly on the decline. When I flew from Germany to the U.S. on military orders my plane was delayed taking off which made it late arriving. After processing through customs I had about 20 minutes to get to my next flight. I politely asked a TSA agent if I could get pushed through as I was traveling on orders and explained the situation. He sarcastically responded with "well you could ask everyone in front of you if you could go ahead of them" when a simple "I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do" would have sufficed.

    A few days ago I was waiting to be sat at a restaurant and a woman came in after me and when the hostess came up she rushed in front of me to get her carry out. I would have let her go ahead, but if the roles were reversed, I would have said that she was there first.

    Most recently, I was at the zoo here in Boise taking photos of a red panda and a woman physically pushed me out of the way so she could get some pictures with her iPhone. Now I understand it being crowded and being bumped into, but the physically pushed me out of the way as in hand on my 70-200 attached to my D500.

    Now I'm not losing sleep over it, everything was fine as I am pretty low key. These are just a few of many observations where politeness is seeming to be a thing of the past, and things that I would NEVER see myself doing. Is this just an American thing? Am I being overly sensitive? Do others see the same things happening?

    Your thoughts?
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  2. I'm used to rude people in the big city, though I still try to be courteous and nice to people. I figure a little positive energy goes a long way in helping everyone have a good day!
  3. that's why my family and I left the big city.. Miami...
    I have found that smaller towns have friendlier attitudes... at least that has been my experience..
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  4. vindex1963


    Feb 27, 2009
    People are the same as they've always been we're all more sensitive to it. I don't notice people being more rude lately I do notice people feeling sorry for themselves and the poor me attitude seems to be everywhere. We're being groomed to think we should be coddled and "talking nice to" no matter what and given an apology if the other person doesn't agree with our view. That's my take on it.
  5. Butlerkid

    Butlerkid Cafe Ambassador Moderator

    Apr 8, 2008
    Rutledge, Tennessee
    I do think that common courtesy and respectfulness have declined a lot - and been replaced by the "Me first" entitlement attitude. It's unfortunate . And yes - there are still many, many people that are not like that, but there seems to be fewer and fewer of them!
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  6. I find that there are a lot of very, very courteous and helpful people out there--those who do go the extra mile or two. But there are probably an equal number of folks on the other end of the spectrum--me first, oblivious to others, and even downright mean. What is declining is the number of the formerly "invisible" people in the middle. It's up to us to win 'em over to the good side.

    Yes, small towns are friendly (they have to be) but I've had great experiences in cities too (except, perhaps, while driving).
    Two things that really get my dander up--loud, long cell-phone conversations in public places (checkout lines, banks, restaurants) and those who engage in destructive behaviors in parks and public places (especially National Parks).
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  7. I don't want to blame society or the newest generation for being rude and inconsiderate. As parents, I'd like to think we're responsible for raising decent people. :) 
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  8. Through the decades, every generation I've known that was older than mine always said the younger generations were less polite. I never believed it. Now that I'm in my late sixties, I still don't.

    As new technologies developed, new standards of behavior had to develop. People had to decide whether behavior on a bus was acceptable on an airplane, whether talking on a cell phone in the grocery line would be acceptable, and whether posting anonymously on a website required the same standard of behavior as when speaking in person with people who know your name and work or live with you. Sometimes we don't always agree with the standards in those new situations brought on by advancement in technology.
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  9. I eat 2 meals a day in cafes. I rarely hear "Please" or "Thank you" for any services provided by wait staff. It always seems to be "I'll take ..." or stoney silence upon exit, and it is just not from the younger crowd, either! I do not know how wait staff can hold their tongues at times!!!!
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  10. demiro


    Nov 7, 2017
    What's the matter Tom, you don't have the guts to say "snowflakes"?
  11. ?????o_O 
  12. Growltiger

    Growltiger Administrator Administrator

    Tread on an Englishman's foot in a crowd and he will apologise to you.
  13. I don't see it as having changed much over the years. I've encountered some pretty rude people and some really gracious people. I tend to avoid the rude ones and gravitate to the nice ones.
    I still tend to follow the "do unto others" way of life. I'm happier that way.
  14. Jeep Captain

    Jeep Captain

    Jan 28, 2009
    My wife and I were leaving a store right behind a 40ish yr old man. He pushed the door open walked through and let it close right in my wife's face. I sarcastically blurted out "thanks". He turned around to tell me to fornicate myself.
  15. vindex1963


    Feb 27, 2009
    To some extent but not entirely. My Son and Daughter fit in that age and so does their friends and I find them to be a good group despite the bonehead
    things they've done but they have youth on their side to blame.

    Treat me good I'll treat you great, treat me bad I'll treat your worse.
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  16. I have seen a noticeable decline in (friendly) customer service lately, esp. at big chains. But small local shops aren’t immune, either.
  17. This whole thread is a sad commentary, but this..... What a moron.
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  18. I've noticed my entire adult life that people, especially at American companies whether large or small, rarely apologize on behalf of their company when a mistake is made. A year or so ago a manager even explicitly told me that he has no reason to ever apologize for a mistake someone else makes. I spent my entire career in sales and occasionally won over a customer for life simply because I apologized on behalf of my company when I personally didn't make the mistake, so I have always noticed this issue.

    Yet it was so refreshing last week when the first person I spoke to at KEH apologized that another person had emailed me the wrong type of return documentation for a photography product I had purchased. Naturally, I thanked him for the apology and he immediately sent me the correct documentation.
  19. That could be a Canadian as well, it is stereotypical that all Canadians say "Sorry" and "eh" :) 

    I do notice less people saying thank you, sorry or please - but it is spread across all generations. I have tried my best to have my kiddos show good manners (about 75% successful) - but I have also noticed that when you are polite or "hold the door" for people, they say thank you sarcastically for some reason.
  20. A few years ago we had just finished a ride at Disneyland, and as the crowd started to get up and exit, the custodian of the ride said in a loud voice,
    “Could everybody please exit the way you entered…. Pushing and Shoving each other.”
    I just about wet my pants laughing as what he said was so true and he must see this type of behaviour everyday…
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