Is it possible to stretch to fill frame?

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  1. I have some pano's that only stitch together in auto mode (I prefer reposition-only). Some of these don't fill the entire rectangle/canvas. It would seem, just like cropping has the perspective tool, that something can be done to select point and drag them to fill the frame. Does such a function exist?

    I have included an example of what I am looking at. I am trying to get rid of the white space on the bottom (without having to do a traditional crop which would cause me to lose a bunch of the picture). (Perhaps a free-transform type of solution?).

    I don't typically do much as it relates to photographic alterations with photoshop so excuse me if this is a pretty novice question.


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  2. Thanks Peano - and you made a perfect animation clip to explain it.

    If anyone has another method - I'm all ears. The more the merrier!
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