is my brand new D3s faulty?

Dec 12, 2008

I have been a proud owner of a D700 and D3 for quite some time now and I am familiar with these cameras, so I don't think it is all user error. Simply put my D3s seems to have a mind of its own.

I just received my D3s last Fri and I have noticed some hard to duplicate issues:

- Screen black out during image review while zooming. I thought perhaps I was hitting another button that was turning it off but I was not. This was repeatable for a long time and now it isn't. I really wish it stuck around so I could prove this.

- Image preview would not come on after multiple presses. It was not until I pressed the menu button and went back to the preview arrow that it worked. I have my camera set to not automatically display the image and instead first press the arrow.

- cd error, of course this could be my card but it was a little concerning since it happened so soon along with the other issues. I have the recording set to overflow and this issue happened while newly started onto slot 2 for the first time. I always format specifically in the camera I am using.

- freeze up, I shoot manual and had to turn it on and off since the dials would not change aperture or shutter speed.

- Red eye reduction turned on when I did "not" turn it on. Maybe, perhaps I managed to hit a series of buttons by accident but I don't believe so. When I was in the middle of shooting I started getting the flash pre-fires and a delayed shutter. I swapped SB900 flashes and noticed the problem continued and I ended up realizing the little red eye icon was present.

- I turn off AF on the shutter and use the rear button only. I was out shooting yesterday and when my camera did not focus I further investigated and it was reset to default in the menu. I do not have any banks set up etc. and this is not something I would do by accident since I basically set it and leave it.

I have never once experienced these things with my D3. I am using firmware 1.01. I have 7 days for a refund and 14 for an exchange. I always worry I get a demo or a return when I order online. I really don't want to have to pay shipping and a restocking fee to return but that is a small price to pay to correct the issue. This shouldn't happen with any camera and is especially stressful with one of this price! I am also concerned that my issues with the camera will not be taken seriously.

Thanks so much...any ideas, comments?
Mar 4, 2006
Newcastle, Wa
My D3x would do the same during image review. Eventually even the menu wouldn't come up sometimes. Sent it in, Nikon replaced a circuit board and all was fine when I got it back.

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