Is Nikon discontinuing DX DSLRs?

Apr 28, 2010
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According to an article on Nikon Rumors, many DX cameras and lenses are listed as Out of Stock, raising the possibility that they may be discontinuing them.

Considering the source, it is just a rumor. Maybe new models are in the pipeline.
Well, I am 82, and have a D 7100 and a bunch of lenses that suit me just fine, but...if I did upgrade, it would be to a good used D 7200, or a refurb. D 7500, both of which have features that I would never use, BUT they are affordable, and good picture makers! I guess I will stick with what I have until it breaks, then hope to find something similar that I can enjoy. least mine, is too short to sweat the small stuff!
May 5, 2005
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Today, Nikon Rumors reports several more DX lenses listed as "Old Product" or "Out of Stock". The list includes several of my old favorites, such as the 16-80 f/2.8-4.0 and the 85mm f/3.5 micro Nikkor. I'm glad I have good copies, but if Z-mount equivalents are produced I would be tempted.

The 200mm f/2G ED VR II is on the list.


Jan 28, 2019
In my collection I have both a D7100 (bought new) and a very nice "low mileage" D7200 that I picked up at a very sweet price used just as the D7500's were coming out. While my D500 is my "best" DX model I still love my 7xxx models. They are worth more to me than what they would bring on the used market. I keep the D7200 with a Tam. 150-600 set up on a tripod for those fleeting moments when a rare bird or other subject shows up at our pond or in our woods. The 7xxx's are sort of "beater" cameras that I don't have to baby. Both produce excellent results. Also, they closely match my D750 and its easy to switch back and forth.
OH, and I do have crop and full frame "Z" models just to keep up with the times.
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