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Is RRS Ballhead worth it? VERY MUCH SO!! (pic added)

Discussion in 'Tripods, Ball Heads, and Gimbals' started by SRA, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. SRA


    Jul 29, 2005
    Orem, Utah
    Just thinking of upgrading to the Really Right Stuff Ballhead. I have never handled one and was wondering if it is as good as everyone says. Would love to hear from any owners. Thanks in advance.
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  2. I like the Kirk, www.kirkphoto.com . Those that have the RRS like them too. And their quick release lever looks kewl.
  3. I have used the Kirk BH-1 and BH-3 and they are good devices. I use the RRS BH-55 now and precision is an understatement when describing this ballhead. I have never handlled a finer ballhead.
  4. I would second what Dave has said above. I have the exactly same ball head and it is a work of art in its craftmanship.

  5. It's a machinist dream! The precision is fantastic. Yes, it's really that good. But only you can decide if it's worth the price. Was to me, but hey when it comes to my photography, it's only money. Right??? :confused:  :Confused:

    I keep on telling myself ....

    It's cheaper than a bass boat, it's cheaper than a bass boat, it's cheaper than a bass boat, it's cheaper than a bass boat.:Smart:
  6. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    RRS BH-55LR is the best machined ballhead I have ever seen. It is in a class by itself for machining and design. Again, this is not what everyone prioritizes as significant, so in the end, only you can decide...
  7. RForshey

    RForshey Guest

    Best I've ever used, and I've probably used 'em all...
  8. Had a BH-55 and I agree that it's the nicest looking ballhead out there. I ended up with a Markins M20 because I felt the M20 was noticeably smoother under tension than the BH-55.
  9. SteveK


    Mar 16, 2005
    I have a B-55 PCL (panning clamp). I did have problems with it in the field one time. There is a allen screw in the center of the head. Mine worked itself loose making the head unstable. Fortunately, there was a town 1 hour from where I was that had a hardware store that had an allen wrench that fit. My recommendation to those of you using this head is to carry an allen wrench, and check tightness periodically.
  10. RRS, Kirk, Markins, Acratech, Arca-Swiss, in my opinion all fantastic and none "inexpensive". Some will say one is "far superior" than another, next person will choose their own favorite. These folks, just like me, are simply spouting our "opinon" and preference. As to "cool factor", I put the RRS and the Acratech right at the top, without a doubt they do look the "coolest", with the Gitzo's being at the other end of the scale :wink:. As to utility, look at the comments in this thread, some different ones, but none really bad.

    Bottom line, if you like it, buy it, they all cost too darned much, but then again, what doesn't?

    To paraphrase another astute poster ...

    It's cheaper than a Lotus Elise, cheaper than an Elise, cheaper than an Elise ..... :biggrin:
  11. I have the RRS BH-55 and love it. Its worth it and the last head you'll ever purchase.


    My head:
  12. I must have researched every ballhead a few months back when I was in the market for a new tripod setup. I ended up getting the RRS BH-55 and don't regret my decision at all. Smooth action, great craftmanship, and rock solid. I'd recomend it highly.
  13. Vienna Pics

    Vienna Pics

    Nov 14, 2005
    This is what I have - a great head - never had a problem. As someone else said - nice piece of machining.
  14. Before last weekend, I'd never handled a RRS ballhead. However, at the Huntsville gathereing, I was handed one of these big heads. I was asked to check the tension. It was a bit jerky. It seemed to start and stop sporadically. Perhaps this head had been abused, but I can't recommend it. I've got an Arca Swiss B1, and there's simply no comparison. YMMV.
  15. RForshey

    RForshey Guest

    I own and use both heads. The RRS is smoother operating than the B1, and much more ergonomically designed. I am a big fan of the B1 as well, having owned three of them. But the BH-55 whoops it. I really wish it weren't so! All of the head makers have copied the Arca Swiss quick release plates, among many other of their design features. I'd really like to stay with the originators! But alas, in this case a little boutique manufacturer has beat 'em.
  16. I can't dispute Randy's testimonial - nor will I try. I've never put a camera on one of these heads. I can't give first-hand accounts of the performance. I'm just stating what I noticed from my one and only brief experience with the RRS head.
  17. SRA


    Jul 29, 2005
    Orem, Utah
    Order placed

    Everyone said the right words, artistic, well machined, last one I will ever need. Thank you all for your advice. The order is now placed. And now for the new Gitzo GT3530LSV tripod.

    Stay tuned in the classifieds for the sale of my former Bogen hardware. :Wink:
  18. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    Congrats on your ordered BH55LR and Gitzo GT3530LSV tripod. Is this the 6x CF replacement set of legs for the Gitzo 1325?
  19. Hmmmm Mark, this mirrors my observation. I have always admired the RRS BH55 and was glad to see a few at Huntsville. I also found that it was more jerky then what I would have expected. A beautifully crafted piece of work, for sure. I don't doubt the high quality either, but I was surprised that the feeling was less then the buttery smoothness that I am accustomed to.
    Like Mark: just my observation.
  20. After a lot of agonizing I made the decision to order one last week. I wish I could add actual testimony to this discussion but can't Yet! Unfortunatelly mine hasn't arrived yet. It's due to deliver today and I'm out of town for the weekend. Was really hoping it would arrive yesterday so I could play with it this weekend. Can't wait to get to try it out next week.

    After seeing the comments about "less than smooth" several times my decision was made easier when I ran across the comments in the section of the users manual entitled "A Note about Break-in" in the middle column of the first page.

    Every ballhead I looked at seems to have some criticism. Markins panning bases don't lock up solid, Arca-Swiss's lock up unexpectedly, etc. Seems much like everything else. All designs have their strong points and weak points. Just try to find the one that gets the best feedback and make your decision. Now I just hope I made the best decision for me because I really would like to buy a ballhead once.
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