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Is the DK-2 the correct eye cup for the D2H?

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Backdoctor, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. and if so, htf do you put it on? I am lost on this one.
  2. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    The DK-2 does work on the D2h
    To remove the old eyepiece you have to close the eyecover thing (the little lever next to the eyepiece.
    First loosen the old eyepiece but leave it on.
    There is a rubber cover on the outside of the old eyepiece, pull it off.
    Attach the new eyepiece to the ring you just pull the rubber cover off of.
    Remove the eyepiece from the camera now (old ring with new DK-2.
    There should be a backing ring that you slide over the backside of the eyepiece.
    Screw back on to the D2h.

    After reading what I just wrote, I don't think it will help. Good luck!!!
    If you want I can dig the box mine came in and scan the pictures
  3. bpetterson

    bpetterson Guest

    And keep your fingerprints off the glass.

  4. The key is to attach the backing ring, it acts as a locking ring. If you don't attach it properly it will fall off, sooner then later. With it on and checking it once in a while it seems to hold up well.
  5. the question is, how do you do it? I've closed the viewfinder thingy, but how do you get the new one on, or old one off, etc. I just dont get it.
  6. See:

    Putting the cup on took a half an hour and reading the sucky Nikon directions 10x. The illustrations aren't that good. I had a hard time getting the original one off and ended up using some needle nose pliers.

    After I got it off, I spent a while studying how the other one would go on this stupid little ring that they sent to make sure it did it right. Once I figured it out, it all made sense and went on relatively easy...you just have to make sure you don't strip the threads when putting the new one and the little ring is on evenly.
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  7. After you close the viewfinder thingy rotate the rubber ring counter (anti for you brits) clockwise. It will twist off easily. Remove the rubber grommet from the plastic screw-in thingy and put the new rubber ring over the plastic screw-in thingy. It will seem loose because it is. Now put the backing metal ring over the new rubber with the open side facing away from the rear of the camera. Screw it all back in (clockwise) and unlock the eyepiece closing switch. The new rubber eyecup assembly will no longer rotate.

  8. The problem I had was that the OEM ring was on so tight that it took pliers to break it loose....at least on my camera.
  9. You DID switch the eyepiece cover to closed first....didn't you? After I tried unsuccessfully to unscrew the OEM rubbes ring with my fingers I flipped the switch to close and it twisted off (CCW) with my fingers.

  10. Yes, of course.
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