Is the sigma 120-400 any good?



Anyone got it?
Am thinking of buying it, but I am not sure if it will be any good
(well its sigma, they either make really good or really crappy lens...)
Its kinda cheap, can get one of these at around 85K Yen (yup, living in Japan now) but i am not sure if its worth it.

Kinda fed up waiting for the AFS version of the 80-400, and if i bought this sigma, Nikon will announce AFS 80-400 instantly. :biggrin:

Thanks for the input guys.
Feb 10, 2008
Texas, USA
I ran a couple of hundred shots through one and the results were very disappointing. These were handheld and at the long end of the range. A fellow photographer had pretty erratic results as well. The culprit may just be Sigma's OS. But regardless, I recommend that you skip this one and wait for the Nikkor.

Gary Mayo

I have not held one, but it is not on my radar. I have a few Sigmas, more than most lens snobs (yes I am a lens snob) and I have read enough poor thoughts on this lens I do not want one. The 80-400mm VR is a better choice. You see good clean copies on eBay for about a grand if you know how to look. That is where I got mine.

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