Is this a gypsy moth larva?

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  2. Here's a better picture.

  3. hairy little bugger. how about a shot after the big change? you'll just have to follow it around. :cool:

  4. A Virginia Tech entomologist has confirmed that it is a gypsy moth larva, and there is a known infestation in our area. We'll need to request airborne spraying next spring.
  5. I was about to type, yep that's what you have there.

    I battled the gypsy moth for several years when I worked in a Dept. of Agriculture field lab.

    Ie, I've seen millions of them. :Dizzy: I've walked in forests where it sounded like a light rain, but was really the sound of their droppings, etc. falling through the leaves.

    We did research into biological control of them. Predators, parasites, diseases and pheromones. The latter I was once covered with by accident, leading to my being followed around by male gypsy moths for weeks. :rolleyes:

    For what little it's worth, I tend towards disagreeing with spraying. It only knocks them down temporarily and kills too many of the native critters. Or should I say I wish there was a viable alternative.

    Amazing that 30 years later we are still fighting them.

    PS, do not touch them or allow animals to. Those hairs will go right through your skin.
  6. I found this out the hard way.