Critique It happened AGAIN!

Sep 13, 2007
Northern VA suburb of Washington, DC
My version of the event is that after taking a sip of wine, I gently returned the glass as usual to the dining room table. My wife's version is that after taking a sip of wine, I was animatedly making a point in our conversation and that led to me banging the glass on the dining room table for added emphasis. I realize the evidence supports my wife's version much more than mine. :ROFLMAO:

We both agree that when all was said and done, I was holding in my hand only the one-inch length of the stem displayed in the bottom of the photo, as everything else had fallen apart. Fortunately, my wine consumption had been so effective that very little wine was in the glass at the time. :eek:

The tabletop is the underside of vinyl flooring. Two small continuous-light lamps fitted with a diffusion sock were in the front left and rear right corners. The light being reflected off the bright tabletop outlined the transparent glass in dark tones. The magenta vignette was added during post-processing.

Focus Stacking
15 focus-bracketed images using Nikon step size 3 were focus stacked using the Helicon Focus default setting.

Mike 2020-07-07--001-S.jpg
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Oct 9, 2005
Moscow, Idaho
There's beauty in a disaster!

My wife has some of the same skills as you do—an animated hand-talker (weird, because she is of stoic Norwegian stock). The other day she knocked over a half full Riedel glass of red wine. Then, after dinner as she was hand washing the glass she hit it against the side of the sink and ended up with a less pretty mess than you did.
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