It seems the women in my family are always having

Discussion in 'People' started by Bohdan, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. these pensive moments. My wife has these strong urges to be by water. I tell her it's a primitive instinct....the flow of water stimulates the production of eggs ....thus preserving our this point she hits me!


    Gazing out on Lake Superior in Northern Ontario


  2. Bohdan, did she hit hard enough??? :-D ;-)
    Your images are very tranquil, good work!
  3. faenix


    Jun 21, 2005
    Bayside, NY
    She hit you? Haha! Glad there's still lots of love going on! =)
  4. Thanks Panos...Now that you've had a glimpse of northern Ontario I'd love to see some images from Cyprus .

  5. thanks Chong Lee ....yes it was an affectionate "hit" . By the way these pictures were taken with the 17-55 f 2.8 that I rented for month to see whether I should buy or not. Am now still wafffling between that and the 70-200 mm..F/2.8 vr. I haven't made up my mind yet as to what kind of pictures I want to take. How do you like your 17-55 ?

  6. faenix


    Jun 21, 2005
    Bayside, NY
    The 17-55 is really a compromise between the 12-24 and the 28-70. Although I do find myself missing the long end of the 70mm, I am really happy with the 17-55. The only problem is, I'm usually at the two extremes (17 and 55) 75% of the time!

    I also had a problem choosing between the 17-55 and 70-200. For me the choice was clear, the 17-55 was a definite need while the 70-200 was a luxury. My 85 f/1.4 will be coming in soon and after that all my money will be gone to saving for the 70-200. I'm glad I got the 17-55 though, there are absolutely no regrets. (Oh what I would have given if Nikon made a light grey color of this lens :( )

    If you get a sharp copy (which most of them are, pretty good wide open too) you'll love it. Whilst heavy and big, it's a small price to pay for amazing optics that'll aid you in the future. My $0.02
  7. Panos,

    What about Sanja and Biltha? :wink:

  8. Well Rich, I guess they're back to the SanjaBilthaLand they came from...

    BUT!!! No worries... they come to Cyprus by the thousands EVERY SINGLE DAY... I am just a bit "occupied" right now... ;-)

  9. Great Images Panos . beautiful scenery and nicely captured. Thanks

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