It's good to be back home - A few pics of the city

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  1. I am investing myself into my career, time, energy and money well spent - my goal, to move up in the company - it is a great organization. Getting better the more I work with them specially the people at home office.

    The D2Hs is a gem of a camera, tomorrow morning I get to take pictures at the Roy Thompson Hall :smile:

    The view from head office


    The view tonight on my way to the hotel - I took the long way home...

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  2. AndrewT


    Mar 18, 2007
    Toronto, Canada
    Nice pics of T.O. :smile:
  3. Dude, so glad to have you back home. It's going to be wonderful seeing your street journalism photos of our city. Great shots!

    Don't forget to set up on Queen just a few feet east of University for some night shots of the new opera house.... it's beautiful.

    Looking forward to your RTH shots! :biggrin: