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It's really great to meet people in ...voice!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Panos Kazanelis, May 10, 2005.

  1. A few hours ago I had an IP-phone conversation with the TOrondo-Lady, Sandi. (try MSN, ended with Skype -www.skype.com).

    I very much enjoyed out little (1 hour) conversation. She is a very fine lady, polite, with a positive attitude and always laughing. We talked about photography, way of living, sports (yeah kayaking) exchanged photos…

    The reason I’m saying all these, is a very simple one! We should do that more often so to get better acquainted with each other. It’s nice to see the face of the person we chat with, but believe me it’s even better to know the voice, too!

    Sandi, it was great knowing you in voice ;-)

  2. σας ευχαριστούμε, Panos. It was great fun chatting with you. I love getting to know other people, esp the ones around the world. Different views, foods, WINES!!!, attitudes, while at the same time, having the same hobbies. Yes, putting a voice to a person is even better. I've made some great friends from photography forums, and DustyD, aka David, is one of my closest. We started out as shooting buddies and I ended up being "best person" at his wedding in January 04. Bernie Heins of Nextphoto has been my most expensive friend - he tempted me into buying the S3, the 17-55 and the 70-200VR! *LOL* VISA loves you, Bernie!
    Here's to making new friends around the world. Cheers Panos!
  3. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    oooh. I have a skype account too.
  4. Well, Patrick, if 'Bama boys talk like Jawja boys (aka Jarrell), I just might end up needing a translation service *LMAO* Sorry, only teasin' ya!
  5. pkazan at Cyprus Patrick, hit me when you see me online (and available) ;-)
  6. Patrick, what's your skype name, mine is tolady for anyone who wants to add me. We just had a three-way conversation with Panos, Sandi and UFrank. Sure saves typing the fingers to bone.
  7. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    I can totally agree with the voice-to-voice concept. So far, I've talked to Gordon (Greyflash), UF, Steve Shive, Obelix (Anand), and of course met in person Gale, Gaye, Mike Mac, DavidM, Thorton, HarryB (and Linda), Ping279 (Nathan), Huan Pham, Patrick, Leigh, Chris Knight, Chris Palmer, Ann (PonyGURL), Huskey8 (Richard), PhotoDawg (Bryan), Bubba (Brandon), Popeye (Bernie), Ron R, Harris (Backdoctor), Jim Fenton, Jim Breedon, Greg Giesing, and certainly others that escape me right now (sorry :?).

    My universe of great friends has expanded so much since I took up this hobby, and there is just nothing like talking to these new friends, and especially meeting them face to face. With luck, I'll add to this list at Merritt 2 at the end of this month. Sandi, you need to be there!! I guarantee that you will not be sorry you came.

    What a great hobby!! :lol:
  8. Drive 2,500 kms to meet a bunch of birdbrained photographers chasing winged beasts around in the mud!!! Naw, doesn't sound like fun to meeeee *LOL*
    Seriously let me see what the work schedule looks like....
  9. Okay, I need an education....
    I have no idea what you computer guru's are talking about but it sounds like fun....
    someone tell me what to do
  10. Doug, let me spare you the hi-tec geek talk and make it simple...
    We just had a phone conversation thru the net, which means for free!!!
    In order to do so, one needs an MSN messenger account ( http://imagine-msn.com/messenger/en-us/default.aspx )
    or a Skype ( www.skype.com )account, a set of mic/speakers or a headset and a stable connection...
  11. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    One more talk live forum program.

    which would be great to set up is


    have used it for several years.

    many can participate at the same time.
  12. This is a terrific tool if someone needs help with either lens/camera use, or Photoshop use because it's so immediate. Sometimes asking things in typing and replying the same way can lose the whole meaning of the question/answer.
    Skype seems to be more stable than MSN Messenger audio - MSN seems to lose connections or not able to connect to the other server most of the time. I've tried it with various people and have found difficulties. Skype works just terrific. Haven't tried Gale's paltalk.com though so can't offer comments. Cheers, Sandi
  13. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    I can't for some reason get MSN voice working.

    Skype is a peer to peer.. Careful with those.

    If you go to paltalk to try it...
    I am techwish on there and you can search for pal and leave me a message.

    would be great to set up a forum on there. Not sure how many are willing to do this stuff though.

    Say for instance the room would be open at certain times. Set it with pass word and anyone could open it. Got to have some controls, orrrrrrr trollllllssss.

    Also can do one to one pc phone like skype.

    Everybody is so busy all the tiime.. I don't know I am open for suggestions.

    I hate typing.
  14. I just entered Skype,

    (after 1 hour of searching the house for a microphone! Finaly found one from the PS2 SingstarGame!)

    If anyone is interrested Skypename: mc.schuster

  15. awww, we need mac users in here! with ichat, we can all be chatting with voice, text and video! mac users unite!
  16. Hey!!!! I resemble that!! I know where you live!! :wink:
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