It's so hard to say goodbye

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  1. Yesterday afternoon I found this iguana by the edge of the road who looked like it was taking its last breath....
    1. Iguana11218-14-L.jpg

    This guy was hanging around not far away.....
    2. Iguana11218-5-L.jpg

    When I saw the first iguana in the early evening, it had obviously passed. The next morning I saw its buddy crawl to the body and stand over it for a long while. It was almost as if it was delivering the eulogy. I guess sometimes it's just hard to say goodbye....

    3. Iguana11318-2-XL.jpg

    4. Iguana11318-10-L.jpg

    Thanks for looking!
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  2. BrianDW


    May 14, 2014
    Portsmouth UK
    Interesting stuff. I think we constantly underestimate animals.
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  3. Very interesting shots and story.
  4. Thanks Brian. They are herbivores so I figured it wasn't eating it!
    Thanks so much, Gordon.
  5. Interesting story and nice shots Dossy.
  6. Fiveby


    Dec 28, 2008
    Centerville OH
    Interesting. I actually thought they were omnivores. I still recall the first wild iguana that I ever saw. My first day at college in Miami. one fell/jumped out of the tree in front of me, hissed and walked away
  7. Cool story. I wish I was in Tijuana.
  8. The human race is the only living things on this planet to show loss & emotions...
    Great shots Doss...
  9. Thanks so much Louie, Lori, Bobby, and Wally!
  10. DOH, sorry, but I meant to say "The human race isn't the only living thing".
    I really need to proof read my answers more carefully... :geek: :rolleyes:
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  11. I figured that, Wally! I know you are really in tune with your dogs’ emotions!
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  12. Rogereh


    Jan 5, 2018
    I believe elephants mourn their dead.
  13. I've heard that also. And what about dogs who return to the graves of their masters. I saw a baby duck hit by a car in a parking lot, and the mother duck was hysterically poking and prodding it. The worst was when a male egyptian goose (they mate for life) was hit by a car and the female was pacing for days on the street by the body. Definitely something to it!
  14. As I corrected in post #10, I actually meant to say "The human race isn't the only living thing".
    I believe that nearly all the animals on earth morn their dead in one way or another...