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    Tonight I went to use my SB800 on one of my D70's and I noticed that the flash was showing TTL (ISO100) instead of iTTL (ISO400) which the camera was set to.
    I check my settings and the camera was set the same as I keep it so I took the flash off and put it on my other D70 and it showed iTTL.
    I keep both of my camera set up the same way and I confirmed that and the 1 camera doesn't seem to be working with the SB800 correctly.
    Later in the night I did try using it the camera in commander mode and it worked fine.
    Any ideals before I contact Nikon? (Thank God, it still has 2 weeks of warranty left)

  2. I would try gently cleaning the contacts on that D70's hot shoe.

    A gummy eraser would be good for this.
  3. TTL (ISO 100) is the flash default: turn it on when not attached to the camera and it shows those settings, so I think that Beezle's suggestion is a good one: clean the contacts on the D70 and perhaps on the SB-800 as well, although you confirmed that the flash was working fine with the other D70.
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