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I've seen the light?

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by woundedmallard, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Hey All,

    Been a faithful PS user from the start: elements, PS 6.0, CS2 and CS3. Within the past year or so I'd tried Picture Project, NX, LightRoom 1 and 2 (still have 3 or 4 days left on LR2 trial- don't care for it). Never got to spend enough time with NX trila to make the call either way.
    Got my new D300 this week and with it a 60 day trial of NX2- I am impressed, almost overcome with joy. Needless to say, in 2 days, I'm very happy with what I see.
    So I decide, what the heck, pop in the Software Suite from the D300 box and upload ViewNX- pop open an NEF folder with 1500 images on it and within 10 seconds I'm scrolling through the images. Suddenly I'm hating Bridge!! :mad: 

    I'm not naive enough to think these are perfect applications. Yes I've been reading the pros and cons. No, I'm not pulling the plug on CS3 (maybe Bridge, we'll see :rolleyes: ).

    One thing I'd like to know is, can you move multiple images from one folder to another in ViewNX? It's just something I hadn't stumbled on yet, thought someone might know. That, and the crop tool in NX2, can't seem to find where I can activate or set the dimensions- perhaps due to it being a trial version?
  2. I could be wrong, but I don't think you can transfer images around in ViewNX. As far as the Cropping tool goes, the trial version should be everything the full version is. When you click on the cropping tool, below it(It will add another tool bar) you will see one drop-down menu for "Free Crop" or "Fixed Aspect Ratio". Next to that will be another drop-down menu for your choice of Ratio.
  3. Yes. Select the images. Right click one of them. Click "copy."

    That menu has no "cut" but I'm pretty sure you can select the images and use Ctrl+X.

    You can also drag the selected images and drop them into the folder.
  4. I_media


    May 16, 2007
    While having the folder menu open, chose your images like in any other Windows folder and then drag them over to the folder of your choice in the folder menu.
  5. Thanks all! This was a midnight endeavor, so I wasn't clicking the mouse very accurately! :rolleyes: :biggrin:
    It certainly would have been oddly limiting not to have those two features.
    I'm liking it even more now! Bridge is gonna have to put up a big fight to stay on my desktop......:112:
    As these NEF files get bigger, that application seems to get more bogged down.

    Thanks again guys.
  6. Thanks Tom! Yeah, I'm converting fast I think. If I can find text to at least put a signature in the resized image without having to open it in CS3 I think I'll faint! :wink::biggrin:
  7. The best spin I can put on that is that you won't have to worry about fainting.

  8. Well that's good I guess, since I've never fainted before, hate to know what that feels like! :biggrin: Would have been nice to find in there though!
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