Jacob Hamblin House in IR

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  1. Jacob Hamblin was a pioneer and one of the first settlers in the St. George area. This home was built in the 1800's and has been maintained as a historical monument. Images taken with my modified D100 and 18-70mm lens.



  2. Very nice.

    I would appear Jacob has some serious housebuilding skills.

    There is a house I've seen in south Philadelphia where I know my great great great (?) grandparents lived, and it looks fairly miserable at this polnt.
  3. Nice captures Gordon. I particularly like the second one. On my (uncalibrated) office monitor, it has a slight blue/purple tint to it that works for this shot.
  4. impressive work! A neat looking house, obviously well built and maintained. Curious about the sloping porch on the second floor. Is that the way it is or a perspective issue?
    I also have some slight purple tinting on my calibrated monitor.
  5. The house is indeed well built and had stood the test of time. Thanks for looking and for your comments.

    Good eye Brian, in the B&W conversion I did indeed use quad tones which includes blue, purple, green and black. I have since fixed it and reposted the image. Sypher and I met up and spent a late afternoon there at the Hamblin house where we did a series of images in color of the inside and outside. I do not have them processed yet but will post a few later on in the week. Thanks for your comments.
  6. Hi Dave, the sloping porch was to allow the rain to run off so that the wood would not rot. That is the reason it has lasted so long. I did not do any kind of a perspective crop on this image so what you see is what you get. As to the purple, I have fixed it and reposted. Thanks for your comment.
  7. FishSauce


    Aug 10, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Nice capture.
    It is very interresting about the 2nd level porch, somehow I thing that it is quite safe :smile:

  8. The building inspectors back in those days were pretty laid back. :biggrin:

    Thanks for your comments.
  9. Nice shots Gordon, I like the way the shadows show caused from the angle of the sun.

  10. Thank you George, it was late in the afternoon and this made for long shadows. I appeciate your comments.
  11. Great Pics Gordon. This makes me want a D50,D70,D100 to mod.
    My list just gets longer! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

  12. Thanks Tim, fortunately I just had one sitting around gathering dust. IR does give a distinct look to a scene.
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