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Javascript automation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hillrg, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Uh, looks like a foreign language to me. Wish I knew what to do with it. Wish I could hang with you big dogs on this one, but I'll head back to the pound.
  2. To me there are a number of things that Rory does with this script that make it very useful, I'll ignore the "techie" ones as they don't really matter. This script lets you create a frame/border around your image sized and colored to your liking, controlled by a dialog that pops-up automatically at the beginning of each run. This dialog also controls where to put web-ready images with all the info. Consolidates about 3 steps into one for me. The easiest way to use this is to take the "code" that Rory notes in the download and save that somewhere on you disc where you will remember it. I put mine in c:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Scripting Guide\Sample Scripts\Javascript. The tricky bit in saving it is to tell the dialog to save as Unicode and then force a .js exstension instead of .txt. Once saved you can execute it by choosing File->Script->Browse from the PSCS menu and browsing to where you put the file. Rory's suggestion to make this an action is a good it, as it saves a bunch of keystrokes.

    As Rory noted, the Bevel section calls an Action that Rory built, you may want to turn this off.

    If this doesn't bring you "out of the pound" Harris, drop me an email and I'll help out. I really do think this is a very worthwhile script and I hope to add a couple of "features" along the way as well.

    Bad part now is I have to go and redo all my image galleries, well they needed a "redo" anyway.
  3. Yes, Rory's script is invaluable for speeding up web posting.

    Two quoestions for Rory or others:

    Did you use any software to lay out the GUI?
    Where does the photo title come from?

  4. Nope - brute force unfortunately :cry: 

    The document title field in photoshop. You can access it directly from the file browser by right clicking on a thumbnail.

    I am thinking about changing this to the photoshop file description field, which is the EXIF caption field, and is fisible to other programs, such as ACDSee.

    Any other opinions on this?
  5. I think you should keep what you already have, but add photoshop file description and give some precendence. What I really like is to display it in a text field so a user can edit it.
    I think there should be a edit box for ISO and lens too. The boxes should show the query result but allow a user to edit.
  6. Bill,

    I know it's a killer application, I am just not as technically advanced as you guys. I'll probably have to callyou for a walk thru. Just need time. Have 80 patients coming in today. Hope to shoot tomorrow some.
  7. Good idea - I'll add the precedence idea tonight, time permitting. As for the text edit field - see comment below.

    The problem with this is that the script acts on all the images you have selected or tagged in the file browser, so this would only work if all these images had the same ISO and lens.
  8. Rory, I am working on adding some more "bits" to the script for selection of specific fields and ordering. How about I see if I can add this as well? I'll check with you before trying to do any "real" integration to be sure we are in synch with the same base. Seems a real shame to ask you to do all the work, you have done the "Heavy Lifting" already :wink: .

    Harris, and anyone else interested, if you do need help getting this working, send me an email and we can figure out a way to chat. Once you have it set-up it is really a piece of cake, which says a lot for the amount of work Rory put in to the UI.

    Rory, you have a couple of months to figure out what dinner you want. Let me know, I'll find a good place down here :wink: . Besides, we have to let the Floridians and East-Coasters know that WE have get-togethers as well.........
  9. That sounds great Bill.

    I'll wait for you to make your changes first. Maybe we can post the code on this site - with permission of couse. Make sure you add the version comments at the top of the code, as suggested. Also, I've done joint development on code before, and it is useful to add your initials and date to the sections you modify or add - but you probably know more about that then I do.

  10. Hey, Rory, good to know that. I only have a bit over 3 decades, somehow 3 sounds better than 30 as in years, of doing this stuff myself, I am constantly astounded how many of us have gravitated and combined the two pursuits. Will do, those are super ideas. I'll get you a first cut this weekend, as my next couple of days are rather crammed.

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