Jesse on a Kawasaki

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  1. My grandson Jesse on a Kawasaki toy. He is just 18 months old. This image is a grab shot with my IR modified D100 and 18-70mm lens.


    There is kind of a funny story in relation to this image. The Kawasaki was being ridden by a much older boy and he had parked it while he was doing something else. Jesse climbed on and I thought it was cute so I squatted down to take a picture. Right after the shutter clicked Jesse reached up and pushed the go button and the Kawasaki went quickly forward and knocked me down. He thought that was pretty cool. :biggrin: :biggrin:
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    Gordon, I don't see the link but I'm curious now!

    Edit: ok, I see it now! cool shot.
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  3. Thanks Jeremy, the IR really makes the eyes look intense. I appreciate your comment.
  4. Gordon, Cool shot of Jesse. So when is Granddad gonna buy Jesse a Kawasaki Toy?

    You are making good use of the D100.
  5. Great grab shot. I'd never have thought to use an IR camera to shoot that. I hope you and your camera survived the fall with no damage.
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    Not quite what I expected from the title :wink:, but a fun shot. I like what IR does to the skintones in people shots.
  7. I leave the expensive toys for the parents but I did give him a Nikon Cafe T shirt.:smile:

    I just happened to have my D100 in hand when the shot presented itself so it was more reflex than anything. No problem with the fall as I was close to the ground anyway.

    Thanks Jeff, IR does give some interesting looks to people.
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