Juanita Bay Today 04/09 - ID corrections, please.....

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  1. Had a short bit of time today so decided it was time to get outside and find some wildlife to shoot. Off to Juanita Bay with Nancy and Scooter to walk and shoot. No Raptors in evidence today, and not many large birds at all, just the GBH and a few Cormorants, so I decided to have a go at some of the smaller species. Sure wish the little birds would hold still as well as the bigger ones do :lol:

    My 500mm is in for repair, so all of these were shot with the Sigma 120-300 f2.8 plus a Nikon TC-20E.

    "Hitching a Ride" - Your basic....Turtles....

    "Lookin' Good" - Tree Swallow - now if I can just figure out how to shoot these in flight....

    "All Puffed Up, Bad Hair Day" - GBH - I think this may be a young bird, it was shorter and smaller than most I have seen

    "I'm Calling You-oo-oo-oo....ooo-oooo...." - Song Sparrow

    "Lunchtime, Chowing Down" - Juvenile Americn Coot, I think....
    UPDATE: As Craig pointed out, this is actually an Adult Pied-Billed Griebe, thanks Craig
  2. Excellent walkabout imagery Bill. Your 120-300mm, plus the TC, plus the crop factor ain't that bad afterall :wink:
    As for the ID... :roll: I can see some birds... a D2H... a Nikkor and a Sigma... and Bill of course :D
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    Feb 1, 2005
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    Nice shots Bill. the last one is a Pied Billed Grebe. cute little suckers.
  4. Thanks, Craig, Page 31 of Sibley's in fact :!: Now that you pointed it out, the black ring on the beak is a dead giveaway. Adult Breeding plummage even. This is, obviously, a new one to add to my oh so short list :) . And, yes, it is a "cute little sucker".

    Thanks for the kind comments, and the ID. The part that seemed most wrong about my guess is that it is the wrong time of the year for "little coots".
  5. Thanks, Panos, I have been so busy with "indoor" stuff that I haven't gotten out in the last month or so. And our "weekend weather" has been entirely too obnoxious up here as well.

    I decided yesterday to give the 120-300 and the 2.0 TC a go. Found that AF is problematic with this combination, so it was back to those old MF days. Glad I could still remember how :lol: .