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July One Prime - Argent's 300 AF-S F/4 (now with actual new pic!)

Discussion in 'Photo Meme' started by Argent, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Ok - I'll play

    and I'll try for the one new pic a day for as long as I can :) 

    but I need to wait til I get out of work to post my first one!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 31, 2008
  2. Excuses, excuses...slurp slurp :biggrin:

    Much looking forward to yours Paul...300mm for a month...now that's a real challenge :biggrin:
  3. yeah tele for a month is a nightmare, i did prime pair 400 and 16 in april and the 16 is much easier to live with
  4. scoff all you want - I am on my way out to shoot now!
  5. i'm not scoffing, just saying mucho respect
  6. actually I just want to play along and the 300 is my only prime :p 

    July 1st
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    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 2, 2008
  7. I'm impressed - and I'll be watching. I thought about doing this, but I need to use my 300/2.8 at a long race weekend in the middle of the month and didn't think I could use just a 300 for a month. Very interested in following your progress - good luck.
  8. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    I tell ya, I'm impressed! Shooting with a specialty lens like a 300 ONLY, for a month! That takes some intense creativity, stamina, and ... muscles!
  9. eh it's only the F4 - that's easily portable :) 

    and what fun is a challenge if it's not challenging!

    should be interesting to see how far I can stretch my creativeness with this lens
  10. What a first pic!

    That's a nice lens and a real challenge, can't wait to see your next posts.....
  11. Fantastic first shot- good luck with the heavy hauling for the rest of the month!
  12. what better workout than to walk around the woods hauling camera gear? keeps me in shape!

    (Ugh I'm dying here at my desk without my camera - I need to go SHOOT! I keep seeing everyone elses's 2nd shots - I'm bringing my camera with me tomorrow)
  13. well storms here have negated me from shooting outside now :(  so the next closest subject gets to suffer! I present to you one of my cats - Addie

    July 2nd
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    F8 ISO800 1/500 w/SB-600 bounced off ceiling
  14. oh, what a second shot! This almost makes me regret selling this lens....:Crunk:

    This will be a nice thread to follow....
  15. Great first shot! Keep 'em coming!
  16. Great cat picture; I've used my 300 for cats, flowers, and a bunch of stuff - terrific lens.
  17. Goofy


    Jul 6, 2007
    Palos Verdes, CA.
    Two great shots to start with Paul, I have the 300 too but never for one second thought of using it. Not because of the weight, I just couldn't see myself being creative enough to use it every day. I'm looking forward to your photos.
  18. :870:great first shot,

    and great eyes on #2
  19. Wow, you did PP those eyes didn't you. They are awesome!!!
  20. ok well since it's still July 3rd for a few more hours - here's the next installment

    July 3rd
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    F4 ISO800 1/1600
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