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Jumping into video as well

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wilk, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Nope, not a chance

  2. Yes, but not professionally

  3. Yes, professinally

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  4. Thinking about it

  1. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    I've been thinking for some time getting into video. I have a canon optura, but it just isn't good enough for broadcast type work. Why? I need another hook to get work and there's a lot of camraman lists, so I figure it will help a great deal with networking with the right people. I know after effects quite well, and premier too, so not much of a learning curve

    I got a sony DSRPDX10 - a new and amazing vidcam from sony. Breakthrough ccd for a cam of this cost, amazing audio too. Curious if anyone else does video?
  2. gho


    Feb 7, 2005
    Well, I kinda did it - on the side. My father wanted to do it, but I advised him of the time and equipment required (time to edit), etc., and advised him against it, but he went for it anyways... That lasted a whole 2 years, then he got a "real" job - said it was way too much work and he wasn't getting any sleep and his health was deteriorating.

    You'll need a very fast computer for editing (and it still crashes half the time), and you'll need lots of DASD... If you think D2x files take up room, wait till you start editing a wedding video.

    And if you think editing photos is a pain, wait till you start video. The real gotcha for me, is that people always fall alseep half way through watching a wedding video.
  3. My sister does a lot of video. I do not even have enough time to keep up with my photographic stuff so video is no topic for me.
  4. We have a little camcorder--my husband uses it. I'll stick with photography--too much still to learn there.
  5. For those jumping into video, be sure to contact your local dance schools to see if you can get a gig taping their year-end recitals. Hundreds and hundreds of us parents fork over $35 each year for a low-quality dvd of our daughters' performance, because we're not allowed to tape the performance ourselves. Seriously, I don't know a lot about videography, but for a 2-hr performance with minimal editing, it seems like the videographer is making out pretty well at $35 a pop times a few hundred dvds.
  6. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    Hi Gregory,

    Weddings is one thing I totally shy away from, just don't have the intestinal fortitude to do them, nor the patience.

    I have 2 smaller vidcams and know full well what it takes system wise and time wise, I'm prepared for it. I just have to keep up better with my archiving of D2x raws to be sure I have room. I don't really trash any D2x files, so I always have a fair amount of archiving to do. I have a dual xeon box with 1.5 tb of space and still 3 open ide channels, and a USB drive enclosure as well (mostly used for backup, and I have over 1.5tb in drives for that case). I'm quite sure I won't have any problems with crashes, the box can handle whatever I throw at it.

    I do appreciate your dose of reality, but I am aware of all of what it takes.
  7. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    Funny, I do too. I feel so blessed though with all the internet resources out there to help me learn things. I've been doing video editing on and off for over 4 years, so it's actually more comfortable for me than still post processing. The great thing is, because I mostly use after effects, incorporating stills and doing those "silky smooth still pans" will be a piece of cake - after effects has the most amazing key framing ability.
  8. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    Great tip! Thanks. I'm actually quite excited about this particular cam... it will be a quantum leap for me in terms of quality - one of the reasons I made the jump was the price point and quality. It does 16:9 in very high quality compared to many cams twice the price due to marked improvements in the ccd construction. I can't wait to run around south beach shooting 16:9, I so much prefer it comp wise compared to 4:3
  9. Do many of you use video editing software for photographs put to music? Burn DVD's?
    Use white printable DVD's instead of labels?

    I've been doing this for a couple years, how many of you are doing the same?
  10. Its funny you should say that. if not for video, I wouldn't be a nikon user!
    Well, technically I would but you had better believe I wouldn't have a DSLR right now.
    At my school we have a large media studies dept. They teach both screenwriting (relatively new addition, before if you wanted SW it was motion picture, tech it was TV) and technical stuff. I'm a techie. Every day at 8:03AM in homeroom, we have a live broadcast TV announcements program, RaiderVision. We have the regular announcements on a nice little set, outside sports, pre-taped weather (green-screen and all), recorded spots and PSAs, our own uniform-style shirts, and mondays and fridays we have atrium announcements- Jrs and Srs come out for live announcements in the atrium, and it is broadcast for the freshmen and sophomores.
    I'm not in Raidervision this year (despite having been the first one tapped) because of a scheduling issue with AP Latin- However, Next year is my year. I'm in a special class for those of us who couldn't take it this year, Advanced Media Studies (technical only) HONORS! There are three of us, and we're combined with an intermediate class last period. We work on our own, we have the best editing machine (7 desktops and 1 laptop, soon to be 2 laptops), which has its own room on its own with the broadcast stuff, a DVKeyboard with jog/shuttle wheel and all the functions pre-marked, for editing we use that computer with colorbalanced monitors, JVC DV/VHS decks, and Avid Pro HD for our editing software, with Avid 3D for graphics.
    For Cameras, our primary equipment for Raidervision and all of our group's work (we're called Don't Touch Productions) consists of 3 Sony DSR-PD150 DVCAM camcorders, usually recording DV SP though sometimes we record DVCAM on our special DVCAM master tapes, a set of 6 AudioTechnica Lavalier microphones, 2 wireless lavs, various handheld microphones, huge A-T shotgun mics, several smaller shotguns, LOTS of batteries, a few million miles of XLR mic cable, Pelican cases, a trio of REALLY expensive bogen pro video tripods (I think they cost in the $1300 range each), and my pride and joy.....
    A Steadicam JR with PD150 weight kit, working LCD screen, and shoulder brace option. Unfortunately some careless you-know-what in another class broke my favorite toy.....its going to be serviced soon though.
    I've gotten quite good- I'm an excellent cameraman, even better editor, and i've managed to stay safely behind the camera most of the time :) 
    We do all of our own events- sports games, pep rallies, special assemblies, interviews, we even did something that went to the state department. The School hosted over a dozen representatives of international education. Teachers and education ministers from everywhere from Lithuania to Oman, Egypt to Iraq, and many many more countries. We recorded interviews of most of these educators, as well as our school's founder, and the person who coordinated the event. This included a complex two-camera interview which we intercut between both cameras with only one continuous audio track. I was not only a crew chief for one of the three camera teams, but I did stills, and I was chief editor, had to type up all the on screen graphics/names, and do the VERY long credits :) 
    I won't go into the fact that the credit roll took over an hour and a half to render....
    I'm proud of the work we do- and I can't wait to keep going :) 
  11. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005

    That's quite a litany there! I see you're in my "hood" too, more or less - I'm in south beach. If you ever want to get together for a still shoot, lemmie know. I'm afraid you're much further along on the video thing that I am, but likely, I won't get quite that deep into it... just odd jobs here and there looking to network and get some real good jobs going.
  12. I just got a Sony HC90 (16X9 SD DV camcorder). It makes GREAT videos!!! In many ways more fun and rewording than still pics.

    The big downside of video is the very long rendering time and editing time. ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Rendor times are typically 3X the video capture time. Editing "tricks" take a lot of time to understand also. I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements. Lots to learn!!

    IMHO, HD camcorders are about 2 years away from being "consumer friendly". :biggrin:

    camcorderinfo.com is the best site I've found.

  13. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    I have shot a lot of video professionally in the past, and I hate it!
    My mind and eye thinks differently than most videographers which can be good in some case and bad in others.
    Every once in a while someone will call or email offering me a small job and if the money is right and I have the time I will accept.
    But my favorite thing to do with video is to make one out of my photos.
    Click here to see what I did for my oldest when she got married I cut it down for the web but the final project was both her and her now ex-husband growing up and was about 24 minutes long.
    I think it took me close to 80 hours to make it and was worth every tear I shed.
    I used iPhoto from Apple to make it using the "Ken Burns Affect" to make the pictures zoom in and out.
  14. That would be great, Steve.
    I also may have just gotten my first job related to video.....some alumni own a production/archiving company just down the street from the school and they asked our department for some people who might be interested, but my counselor tipped me off first because although I would have been one of the first anyways, she felt I should get in immediately. I met with the owner and he thinks i'm perfect for the job.
    Time to learn finalcut.
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