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  1. I shot this one with only one 100W. Elinchrom in a 24" x 24" softbox on the left (~45 degrees above and side-ways, 6 feet away), and a white reflector at 1 foot on the right.

    Nikon D200 with Tamron SP90 - 7 shots at 1:250 @ f/6.7 - ISO 100


    Comments, critics ?

  2. I like it. The pure simplicity and combination of shape and light make it a winner. My only nit is that you can see the reflection of the softbox on the base of the glass. Easily fixed,Vince
  3. Hi Vincent !

    Thanks for the comment !

    (I was beginning to think that this image might be very BAD, or, worse, absolutely uninteresting, as there were more than 60 "views" and no t one comment or critic :confused: !)

    I tried to suppress the reflection of the softbox on the foot of the glass, but found out that, then, i should also suppress the -large- reflection IN the glass.... so i soon dropped the idea !

    ...that will be my next step: trying to SEE and CORRECT -before to shoot !- the parasitic reflections on/in a shiny object ! ...guess it will take some time before i succeed :rolleyes: !

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    Jan 30, 2005
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  5. Excellent capture....works for me
  6. Thanks Paul and John !

  7. photofox


    Jun 8, 2008
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    Wonderful shot with great stacking skills. :)
  8. Thank you !

    Thanks to "CombineZP" or "Helicon Focus", i don't remember wich i used to stack these :smile:...

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    Very nice J-P. I love shots like this. They get me thinking about light and how it can be so beautiful and interesting. Thanks for posting.
  10. Thanks Larry !

    As i wrote before, there are still some little things to improve in the lighting, or more precisely in the "hiding" of unwanted reflections, but as photography isn't my primarely JOB, i can spend as much time as i want, trying to get better !

  11. Well done, J-P! The only criticism I have of the whole image is that there is no red reflection from the missing contents! :599: :biggrin:
  12. Thanks Sandi !

    That was a great reflection !

  13. Sometimes, Jean-Pierre, some of us take at least 58 views to decide whether the glass is new or old...we are talking about the wine container, not your lens :biggrin:

    The stem seems quite old to me...go on, tell me I am wrong!!

    I love the leathery effect in the reflection, à gauche, and hardly noticed the softbox.

    I have an old, English, small, blue and white porcelain bowl that I have not yet succeeded in capturing to my satisfaction.

    Congratulations on achieving success with your glass !!

    All the best
  14. An excellent image well rendered in b&w.
    William Rodriguez
    Miami, Florida.
  15. I always look forward to your work. And this one is very nice!
  16. Thanks Charlie, William and Rich !

    BTW, the image is indeed in "color"... but as the glas is transparent and the background is black.....


    PS. Charlie, i tried to find a lighting for porcelain bowls that a potter neighbour asked me to shoot, but NEVER found a satisfying solution ! ...so, although i shot several dozens of pics, i haven't kept a single one !