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Just bought a 300/2.0 AIS!

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by innerimager, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Calm me down folks. I just won an e-bay auction for this marvel for $6600. Being sold by Robert's Imaging, where I do a lot of business, I felt quite safe. They even have a 14 day return. Bjorn- it's definitely your fault! I've heard these lenses go for much more, I absolutely did not expect my bid ($6700) would win. I'm a bit in shock. What say you, fellow lusters? best....Peter
  2. I say......

    WOO-HOOO :biggrin:

    And I'm glad it's not my money :smile:

    Great go, but wouldn't you rather have it in AFS?????? :wink:
  3. WOW! you're a brave man, even Bjorn gave up on his!

    And i'm jealous, think of the DOF when shooting wide open!!
  4. I look forward to seeing some of your images with this lens. Congrats. Great Price.
  5. C Reinhardt

    C Reinhardt

    Nov 21, 2005
    Man, I don't get it & agree with Bill. You could have bought a 300 2.8 AFS-VR for $4500 US brand new. Is the old used lens + one stop worth it? You could have gotten a 200mm 2.0 AFS-VR for $3699 - $5000 (nextag) brand new then picked up TC for the extra reach without adding much of a stop penalty. Didn't you just sell a nikon 200-400mm AFS-VR? Yikes. I have more lust for these beauties...
  6. Guys- I have the 200/2.0, best lens I ever shot. I'm keeping the 200-400 as I just contracted to shoot a very large little league in my area. I've heard this 300/2.0 is very, very special. Robert's gives a 14 day return. I'll shoot it, (a lot), and see for myself. I am a shooter, not a collector, but I also see investment potential here owning such a high quality (I'll see soon enough) and very rare (for sure) lens. And again, I thought it would go for 10K or more, I really didn't expect to win it! best....Peter
  7. congrats peter, that lens is very unique and rare...bjorn should be proud!
  8. Thank you, Brett. And Bjorn... don't know what to say at least until I shoot it!....Peter
  9. Got to tell you, I agree all the way around. We shot for a LOT of years with no AF and somehow we were actually able to "get shots" then as well. Something tells me that you will NOT be exercising that Roberts Return Policy and my guess is that your "investment" will be living with you for some time to come.

    Oh, yeah, DOF?? WHAT DOF????

    ps. I had the chance to play a bit with the 200, and all I can say is WOW, that is one that is on my list for "one day in fhe future"......
  10. Thanks for the support, Bill. I hope, and think, you are right and I'll be shooting this lens for a very long time. For action shooting, I anticipate using focus priority continuous mode on the D2X which should help. For more stationary shooting, like concerts that I do a lot of, well who needs AF? As to the 200/2.0 the more you shoot it the more you love it. Hope you get yours soon.....Peter
  11. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    WOW!! I'm really excited for you Peter. :biggrin: Awesome lens, unbelievable deal. Guess it was just your lucky day. Way to go!! Can't wait to see your posts!!:tongue:
  12. Thanks gadget- Can't wait to get it in my hands! best...Peter
  13. That's awesome, congrats! :biggrin:

    I actually saw that auction and sooo wanted to bid...

  14. Peter, that is soooo awesome. Congrats on the winning the bid.

    God Bless,
  15. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Not my fault that you now need to do regular work-outs :biggrin:

    Hopefully the lens behaves well on a digital camera. I sold my 300/2 some years ago so am not familiar with its DSLR usability.
  16. Bjorn- I thought you hadn't used the lens on DSLRs since you rated it on film bodies only. I'll be posting my experience. If we ever meet, I'll be sure to have it with me! best ....Peter
  17. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  18. lowlight_junkie


    Nov 28, 2005
    Congratulations, sometimes a purchase like this needs no excuses. The fact that you have us all hanging on the first shots should give you some idea of just how collectible this is. I am sure it will only go up in price.
  19. Eddy DL

    Eddy DL Guest

    Congrats Peter. This is really "lens lust"... :wink:
  20. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Peter: could you try the lens with a teleconverter? I never was happy with the TC14C on my 300/2, despite it being specifically designed for this behemoth. On the other hand, I got tremendous quality with the TC-301 (making a very heavy 600/4), in fact the combination performed much better than my 600/4.

    I also guess you were lucky to "catch" this lens in an interim before the influence of D2X and D200 and their ability to meter with non-CPU lenses have driven up prices. Recently, I purchased a gorgeous 200-400 f/4 Nikkor AIS in pristine condition for about $ 3000, this lens fetched nearly three times that amount in its period of peak popularity. My 200-400 has proven itself to be an outstanding performer even on the DLSRs and I sincerely hope this will be the case with your 300/2 as well. Sadly some of the former top lenses (300/2.8 AIS, 400/3.5 AIS) are not comfortable with the D2X and D200 models.
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