Just got my DK-17M Eye Piece! What a Difference!

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  1. After all this talk about the DK-17M eye piece, I decided to track one down, which proved a struggle in itself, but I managed to nab one in Hong Kong over ebay (paid a premium too! :eek:), but since I do a lot of night photography, the extra magnification comes in handy. Anyways, I must say the difference is like night and day! I should of bought another one for my other D2H, because I don't think I can ever look down that puny 1.5x viewfinder again! It's horrendous! Heck if Nikon can just roll out more of these eye pieces, I can live without FF! Yay!
  2. About time, too.

    I ordered mine from Adorama and waited. Took a few weeks.

    Note that FF isn't so different as you might think. I've been using a 5D lately along with my Nikons and I honestly don't see any difference so far as focusing goes. There is more physical image there, but the detail we focus on does not change.
  3. I don't really care much about FF, my only gripe with the crop factor was the small viewfinder. With the new eye piece, I have no complaints now! Nikon should just integrate this magnifying piece in all future bodies, seriously.
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    May 8, 2005
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    I agree. Just got mine. Very pleased.
  5. Could Nikon integrate this magnifier into all their bodies? It makes such a difference! Is there anyway to adapt the eyepiece to the viewfinder of non-D1/D2 cameras such as the D70/D100?
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    Great question, I would love one on my D70.
  7. So will the Dk-17M work on the D70? That is one of my biggest complaints or headaches is the tiny little viewfinder?


    Darn-It! So I guess this will not work on the D70. Bummer!!!! ARGHHHH!

    So is there another way to put a magnifying eyepiece on my D70s?
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