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Just marked 2 years with a DSLR...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mason, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Yesterday was the anniversary of the beginning of my gear sickness, so please indulge me and offer words of encouragement if you see fit (that does NOT mean [Connie, Rich, others] that you should take this time to temp me into buying more stuff!).

    Yesterday I went to a little event that I attend every year (nothing special, just a little something for some coaches that I will be working with for a charity event in a couple of weeks). I remembered that it was only two years ago that I stopped by my local camera shop to check out lenses on the way to the same event. All I had at the time was a CP5700, but I knew I would buy a D70 eventually. I told them that I was looking for lenses and they asked for which camera…to which I had to reply, “Well, I don’t have one right now, but I am going to buy a D70.” As luck would have it, they had a slightly used kit in stock and the price was right. I had only been looking at D70’s since April 2004! Well, I’m so uptight that I went out to my car and called my father. He is the only person tighter than me, so I KNEW he would talk me out of it. He wasn’t home….so I drove away, and then called Allison. Even she said I should do it, so back I went and plunked down more that I ever thought I would for a camera. It was a great feeling having that camera after thinking about it for so long (such a great feeling, that I now seem to be collecting cameras). I wonder if I still have the first picture with it (the dashboard of my car in the rain!).

    My, how the times have changed.:biggrin: I was aware of the Café at the time, and not long after getting the camera I attended the 1st Annual North Alabama get-together (as a lurker, mid you). I finally got around to joining the Café in January of 2006…about two weeks later I bought Woody’s 70-200, and the rest is history.

    OK, recent history…but in a way it feels like so much longer. I know one thing for sure, the journey is the best part. I have made several true friends here, I have learned more than I ever imagined, I still learn everyday, and look forward to checking in each day.

    So thanks everyone, and “NO”, I am not interesting in buying anything!
  2. Glacier


    Jan 17, 2006
    Boaz, Alabama

    Your pure joy is evident in your words. Don't ever lose that.

    I have been at this a long time and I think I get more pleasure today from a well executed shot than I did years ago when I was just starting out.

    You better hang on to Allison if she actually told you to buy equipment! :biggrin:
  3. The journey IS the best part, Mason!

    Now, let's see here, let's review what you've got and what you might need....

    :D evil: :D evil: :D evil:
  4. I'm on a similar time line as you. Bought my D100 July 3rd 2005. Added a few lenses (lusted after many more) and have had fun through most of it. I still get frustrated at my lack of PP skills, but it's still fun. Thanks for starting this thread.
  5. Mason, you were an excellent addition to the Cafe and a most gracious host during the Cafe gathering this year. Thanks!
  6. It is a lot of fun, and something that I can see myself enjoying on my own...but the Cafe just makes it that much more fun. As for Allison, she enjoys it herself too. She bought a D50 last summer but I haven't been brave enough (or stupid enough) to try to give her gear yet for Christmas, birthday, etc!

    I still hope you make it over for a game this fall...we have six home games.

    Oh boy, one of the "enablers":biggrin: Thanks Connie!

    Oh, I'm sure if I had my gear in my sig your could find some holes in my kit! Really, I feel like I am pretty set except for a wide angle, and of couse more flashes would be cool.

    That sounds like me, too. I sit in front of a computer for most of the day, and the only thing I don't enjoy about PP is the sitting in front of the comptuer part! I like to take pictures and look at pictures, but mine still require some work in PP which is a drain.

    Thank you Larry for the kind words. I really enjoy the North Alabama get-together and am already looking forward to next year. As time premits in the coming years I would like to attend some of the other gatherings such as the EGT and Merritt Island.
  7. Found your Kaiser head yet my friend?
    Of course you don't need it, but....:biggrin:
  8. 3 yrs with my D70. :biggrin: Bought May 04. Still works fine. Although if the Canon XT was out then, I would probably picked that one up instead. The D70 is my first Nikon. Used a Canon AE1P since 83 (Still have it. Cant get rid of it).
  9. Noooo, but I have the technical drawing sitting on my desk:biggrin:

    If I find one for the rock-bottom price you paid, I would get one. I am really happy with my Jobu gimbal but am interested in a small "inexpensive" ball head for the shorter lenses.

    Thanks for reminding me, Frits!
  10. I'm not getting rid of my D70, either. It has some sentimental value as the piece of gear that really got me going in this hobby, but it is also worth more to me than it would be to sell. I don’t use it much anymore as I have a D2H and D200…and Allison has a D50. Some of my best pictures (judging by what is hanging in my office) were with the D70, and they were more a matter of where I was rather than what I was shooting with…and there is a lesson there somewhere.
  11. Well if one of my nieces want to get into photography, they'll get the AE1 and learn to actually use a camera in manual. I dont think I ever replaced the battery in it after it died around 1989 or so right before I moved to the states.
  12. cknight


    May 2, 2005
    Madison, AL
    Hey Mason,
    Have you started saving for the D3whatever yet?
  13. Happy anniversary, Mason!
  14. Happy Anniversary!

    What a great story.

    I remember only a few years ago (well maybe about 7, now), my wife mentioned the concept of a "digital camera" and that she thought we should have one. I thought it was silly. Now I am a digital imaging junkie.

    Three years ago, I got the CP5700, then about 2 years ago it was the D70, and then the D200 this year because I wore the others out. It has been a fun and rewarding journey getting to this point for me as well. As you said, "I know one thing for sure, the journey is the best part. I have made several true friends here, I have learned more than I ever imagined, I still learn everyday, and look forward to checking in each day."
  15. rbsmith


    Apr 13, 2005
    Saltillo, Ms
    Well happy anniversary, Mason. By the way what all have you bought in the last 2 years.:eek: 

    I'm glad you joined. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and shooting with you.
  16. I used a Vietnam era Canon and Pentax that my dad bought and used during the war, from about age 12 until I was in college. I think he still has them, but left the battery in one and has been wondering if it could be revived since about 1995 (last time I used it).

    You can shoot these DSLRs in Manual, and use the electronic lightmeter, plus get the benifit of things like the histogram.

    Hey Chris,

    No...not saving, I think I would be more than happy with a D2Hs. Next year looks like the year to get married, which means a ring, wedding, honeymoon, and another house within a year!

    Thanks Dave!

    Thank you sir. Anyone who knows me can see me actually driving away from the store...but I'm glad I went back.

    Well Rex, I can tell you that the only the things that I have bought new are my bag, the SB-800, and D200 (oh yeah the cards, too). Everything else has come from the For Sale section here, or people I have met here. What a community.

    I'm looking forward to checking out that bird near you!
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