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Just Received My SB-900

Discussion in 'General flash photography, lighting, and technique' started by Bill, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. My first impression of the 900 just out of the box, it is heavier than my 800, much heavier and bigger. I like the manual switch for on, off, remote and master (command). That alone makes it more user friendly. I had to look through the user's manual (page F-10) to see how future firmware would be loaded. It is interesting that firmware will be loaded through the camera, such as D3 and D700 or compatible cameras. Batteries have been loaded, now I need to read the rest of the manual, then try it out on my D3 and my F6. I will show results on future threads.

    The digital and technical age of photography. I love it.
  2. digitalzed


    May 14, 2006
    N. Cal
    Let us know Bill. Kinda bummed that firmware updates through the camera since I have no D700 or D3 plans anytime soon. Guess with my next body...
  3. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    Used mine for a quick headshot shoot this morning, triggered remotely with a SU-800. Quick and easy with the new UI, but realistically, no difference to using the SB800 in terms of the results.
  4. congrats on the flash
    weird about the update procedure
    not surprised that the "look" won't be much different than the 800 under MOST circumstances

    anxious to see what you can do with it

    $500/unit.... still should have been $400.00, i think
  5. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    I agree - It doesn't seem like it should be $150 more than the SB800. Price of early adoption I guess . . .
  6. Be glad to pay 500usd for it, over here in the UK its 700usd :mad: 
  7. The handling is improved no doubt. But unless you use the sb900 on your camera paparazzi style the diffrence will not be there.

    Its not like it will give you a diffrent lightcharachter.

    Yes i agree 500$ is cheap in comparison to the EU prices. Not to bother some for me though since i can buy from the UK for 587$0/297£ vat free.

  8. Kinda what I was thinking. It might make a difference to sports shooters on the sidelines of football games. I think I'll just keep my good old antiquated 800s - especially since I've finally figured out all those buttons on the back of the flash.:biggrin:

    ...but then again.....:tongue:
  9. Kamil


    Oct 28, 2007
    Let's say you have one SB-800 and looking to add another flash; would you opt for SB-900 or another SB-800?
  10. The decision I made was to buy the SB-900. It seems easier to use, has more advanced features and is capable of being up graded. The $500 price tag is a little steep, but I think I will use it more than I did the 800. Some time the 800 was a pain to set up and use.
  11. That's what I plan to do!
  12. Then i understand why you get it, still the character of the light wont change. You still have a undiffused speedlight on the camera, no light pattern will change that.

    But i clearly can see how the improved handling and much faster recyclings will be a leap forward for your style.
  13. I just received mine too.
    My SB-800 is on the market so can buy another pronto!
    Why? Because I have NO time/patience to mess with antiquated buttons/holding for seconds/pushing button with one arm in air and one leg behind back while chanting nikon is Gawd everytime LOL.
    The SB-900 is simplicity itself! thats MORE than enough to sway me. Enough to offset it's cost and bulk. The design, holster, controls, screen Everything is now about 21st century, as it Should be.
  14. According to a very throrough writeup by Joe McNally, the light character IS different. It's apparently a much softer light source than the 800/600 etc. He likened it to shooting through a softbox, yet still focused. They're expensive, but my local dealer has four in stock, and I've played with one. It's a significantly differently set-up flash, and I really, really like it compared to the back of the 800.
  15. I went to my local shop yesterday and tried one of these out, and it is GIGANTIC! It's literally the same size, if not bigger, than my D80 body! I might pickup one...I don't have a flash yet, and I might as well start at the top!
  16. The light output seem's more "controllable also. So def. different in many respects.
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