Just some NAS GAS or should I add another body?

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR' started by David Beale, May 13, 2017.

  1. David Beale

    David Beale

    Apr 24, 2015
    I have a D610 and it is going great - three years old. Shutter Count 84,500

    This bit of NAS GAS starts when I notice a D3 in the used case at a camera store for $1800 (CDN$) and asked about it ... low shutter, clean, nice bit of kit.

    Thus begins my most recent round of GAS ... I read reviews, read forums, watch Youtubes, watch used websites.

    The D3 isn't on the list anymore (well way down the list).

    D810? New it is $3300 CDN (on current sale)
    D800 (e or not) about half that price
    36m files - Yeah ... but maybe not as much fun to manage as they are to brag about??

    D750 $2200 new (rare to see used - maybe a refurb?)
    newer, faster, better (or so the hype says)and hey the screen tilts (not as wildly as my D5100 but nice)

    Or go "real pro" and get the full metal deal
    D3 ? D3S maybe? OLD - but is this the "oldie but goodie?"

    D4 - used still north of $4,000 - usually closer to $5,000.
    Na - don't have that much cash left from my tax refund.

    My reason (aka rationalization) I plan to retire sometime soon (no I have not set a date but looking at 2018). I'm planning on running a photo business to fund my GAS in my retirement.
    My head says "then just wait until you open that business and get a new camera then and make the D610 your back up" ... my heart full of NAS-GAS says ... "oh new body, I want"

    And before I get asked - what do I shoot?
    People - kids a lot - and critters. Birds, Pets, Bugs,
    Some landscape for my own enjoyment. Gardens
    My 'money making' shots have been family portraits and events (reunions, one fine old ladies 100 Birthday party) ... I do have a request to do a product shot for a potter entering a contest. not sure which way my business will go ... I see shooting pets one area I could have fun with .....
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    Apr 8, 2008
    Rutledge, Tennessee
    Perhaps defining your specific goals, reviewing your current "tools" and then assessing your needs would be good first steps. If you just want to spend money, then chose something that gets you excited.
  3. David Beale

    David Beale

    Apr 24, 2015
    I found a refurbished D800 with a whopping 48 activations ... who buys an camera and takes 48 pictures and returns it. Obviously not happy with the purchase. And then Nikon refurbishes it. Maybe it had a problem? Anyway the store tells me they will hold it until Wednesday with my name on it. $2,000.00 for a basically brand new D800 with a full one year Nikon warranty. OR - for a few dollars more (as in $200 more) I can get the D750 on discount. (In Canada there are not bonus gifts like the sale now on in the USA - Nikon US love you more than Nikon Canada loves us). But it is $350 off regular price. Decisions. D800 vs D750. ... or the a new lawn tractor. (seriously my wife thinks we need to cut grass more than take better pictures - really).
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  4. Then buy her the lawn tractor. "Here honey. I got you the garden tool you wanted."
    She'll never bother you about your purchases again.
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  5. David Beale

    David Beale

    Apr 24, 2015
    Goals 1) I think I should have two good FX cameras if I take on a paid gig. Two FX cameras would use the same lenses - a DX as back up to an FX is better than no back up but then I have to deal with the crop effect on my FX lenses or pack DX lenses too.

    Goal 2) Faster - Better shots of kids and pets and other quickly moving subjects. Not really sports photographer although I might shoot kids playing which would take similar photo skills and equipment.

    Goal 3) . . .. spend my tax refund and treat myself to a nice bit of new tech. Kinda like the bells and whistle on the D750 - e.g. the tilty screen feature and Wifi. Faster and better focus won't hurt - less missed shots I'd hope (not that I miss a lot). But the D800 which I can get almost new for $200 less has a lot more pixels and more pro body.

    Review my current tools:

    Bodies: Three year old D610 - still lots of miles left on it (85,000 shots). Still works as good as new, never had a problem. A D7100 - bought less than a year ago (hey it was too good of a clearance deal to pass up) and it gets me more reach with the 200-500 to shoot birds plus it serves as a second camera. And the D5100, my wife's baby now, she loves how it fits well in her hands and that swivel screen is sweet. Might get her the D5500 for her birthday (she would not be that impressed). I did have a D90 but gave that along with several of my vintage bits of glass to my daughter-in-law to see better than cell phone pictures of my grandson.

    Nikkor FX: AFS 60mm 2.8 macro, AFS 85mm 1.8, AFD 105 2.8 macro, AFS 70-200 2.8 VRI, AFS 200-500 5.6e.
    Nikkor DX: AFS 16-85 VR, AFS VR 55-300, AFS 35mm F/1.8.
    Tamron: FX SP 24-70 F/2.8, FX SP 70-300 F/4-5.6, FX SP 17-35 F/2.8-4
    Tokina: ATX 11-20 2.8 (DX)
    Sigma: Artsy 50 1.4 (FX)
    Lensbaby Composer Pro with a nice collection of optics and the 5.8 F/3.5 Fisheye ... sometimes I let my creative side out.
    And a Kenko 300 DGX 1.4 TC - I like it, works great on the 200-500.

    Lighting Gear
    Godox AD360 and two AD860 speedlights with X1 trigger
    Nikon SB-400, SB0600, SB700 and a Metz 58 AF2.
    Various and assorted light modifies, some of them even good ones.

    A monopod with mini-gimbal ball adaptor, three tripods (an oldie, the better one and the good one) and three light stands (light weight, medium and heavy with boom arm)

    More bags than I admit to owning.

    and other stuff.

    Still to get - nice ND Filter System (Cokin if I'm cheap, Lee if I'm not - maybe something in the middle)
    Studio lighting (thinking of the AD600 or just go portable with the new AD200).
    Backdrop - don't have any of that, thinking pop-up ones, ... could have used one for staff photo shoot last week.
    I'm loving the Siggy Artsy 50 1.4 - wouldn't mind the 20 or 24 prime, maybe the 35 FX prime 1.4.

    I do not see myself setting up a studio - I'm a location shooter. I need a nice light gear bag though.

    No "NEEDS" right now ... but wants ... it is all about the thrill of the unboxing video ... (not that I've ever done one of those).

    My greatest need is to improve my skills and let my creative side out more often. To that end I'm reading and looking into some courses or workshops.

    . . . something that gets me excited . . .
    I could get excited by any of the cameras I'm considering. The D750 - oh so sporty and cool, ... the D800 - grandpa's proper pro camera, mega pixels to spare and full metal jacket. ... A D810 Great Grandpa - but breaks the bank. ... and then there is the D500 - be different and buck the trend with the latest greatest in the DX world. ... not.

    I recognize the symptoms of NAS-GAS, hits hardest when there is cash in the pocket and a Nikon sale on.
  6. That "D800 at half the price" caught my eye. I've got a D800, D4, and D5. The D800 takes the best photos of those three in any reasonable light. The D800 is built better than the D810, and I would challenge anyone to tell the difference in image quality; the D810 does have some nice new features and more speed. I feel no urge to upgrade myself.

    The problem is that D610 can provide some similar quality shots.

    Any of the Dx directions you are mostly buying a tank - sure, they have nice features, they are fast, but a lot of the value proposition is the build quality. I haven't heard anything you said that makes me think that's a big need.

    Honestly I'd wait for the D8xx follow on. Here's why:

    You seem to want the WOW factor of something new. The D610 -> D800/D810 is not going to be a lot of WOW. They are different, the resolution is great, they take absolutely wonderful images, but 3 days after you get it, it will feel like just more of the same.

    The D500 is really a better choice but you dismissed DX. If you are willing to consider DX, the D500 gives you some seriously powerful processing features and AF performance, a complex new set of features you can spend a lot of fun time learning, but more importantly it buys you speed, buffer depth and reach. All your longer lenses suddenly feel like new, putting 21mpx on a 300 is impressive, still plenty of room to crop even after it crops the 1.5 fraction out. You still have FX with the D610. And it's cheap; most of the complexity of a D5 for less than a third the price.

    If I buy something new mostly because I want something new, I want it to be a revolutionary step -- not incremental. No D800 -> D810 upgrade for me (Caveat: I bought the D5 as my D4 was getting really high in shutter count, plus I really needed another sports body as the D800 wasn't cutting it, not because I wanted something new).
  7. David Beale

    David Beale

    Apr 24, 2015
    Called "The Camera Shop" today - cancelled my hold on the D800.
    Yes it is a full metal pro body and a classic camera with a whopping 36mp.
    But that metal body weighs in at a full kilogram (2.2 pounds) and 36mp ... do I 'need' 36mp? I already created a large (48" wide) landscape photo with my 24mb D610. No complaints about the detail. And I've done that once.

    When I spoke to the rep at the store she pointed out that the D800 shares the same Expeed processor as my other two cameras (D610 and D7100) and probably would not provide any snappier focus performance. She steered me towards the D500 and if I really needed FX then the D750. I don't think she was trying to upsell me, there is less than $500 (CDN$) difference but the D500 is the most expensive at $2,450 (this month's sale).

    I'm now trying to decide if I'll be happy in DX (not that I'll give up my D610 so I can FX when I want to).

    On the other hand my D7100 isn't that old (I bought it on clearance less than a year ago and have not yet broken the 10,000 shutter count mark (getting close though).

    Will spend some time pondering DXing it. Again.
  8. Nope. I own both bodies, the D810 has a much better grip (redesigned and deeper) in addition to multiple other features. The D800/E were plagued with frames cracking near the tripod base. There are threads on FM discussing this. This has been remedied on the D810. Left focus issue was also a big problem. The D810 IS a much nicer body overall especially for $2500. My D810 images require much less sharpening in post.
  9. David Beale

    David Beale

    Apr 24, 2015
    . . . have not given up all hope on the D800 ... but maybe I wait until the D8XX comes out and hope the street price on the D810 drops a bit at $3,700 CDN it is a serious hit to the wallet. The D800 refurb is "only" $2,000. Never thought I'd see the day when I'd think two grand for a camera (with no lens) was a good deal . . . have not yet pulled the trigger. and may not.
  10. Have you seen both with the skins off. There's a change on the D810 mount (behind what's visible with skins on) from metal to composites, which at least according to one 3rd party repair technician led them to see a lot more broken lens mounts than on the D800. That said, neither camera has MANY broken lens mounts (nor did the D800 have many broken tripod bases). I think we are both talking about extremely unlikely issues. I think "plagued" is a rather extreme term. The D800 was "plagued" with the left focus issue, but that got fixed under warranty for those who had it, fixed again if needed in a free "clean and check" offer, and was a software fix so there's no lingering impact.

    There are a fair number of new features on the D810, I certainly agree with that.

    My comment was founded on the note that a D800 was available at half the price of a D810. I still think that makes it a great deal.
  11. For product shots (pottery) and landscapes, it's hard to beat more MPs and DR - get a D810. For action, the D5 and D500 have such an upgraded AF system, they're now the best. Since you already have the 16-85 and the 200-500 - both great on the D500, you might want to get that next. If the D810 is upgraded soon, you might want to "bite-the-bullet" and get something that might be "future-proof" for you needs (resolution and AF performance).
  12. David Beale

    David Beale

    Apr 24, 2015
    Well, finally pulled the trigger and bought a D500.
    Have had it five days, so far only 3,000 images shot.
    Gotta work on that trigger finger, so hard to get one shot, when you want one.
    No regrets

    Looking to get a grip (I think I'll go for the B&H Vello version, Nikon wants too much for theirs - and the reviews of the Vello look good).
    May add another battery as this camera burns through batteries (maybe because I shoot so much?) And one of them new fangled XQD cards - none of the locals carry it, have to order online.