Just to smile: Italians do it BIGGER!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by italy74, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Mama Mia! That's some incredible sub woofer. Does it say how far down the bass goes?

  2. Holy crap! I don't speak Italian, but it looks like a solid 16Hz.
  3. Dunque, vediamo.. / Let's see..

    Ciao ragazzi (Hi guys, Italian, lesson 1 :smile: )

    I'm not sure about tech specs since I'm not a music fan, but he wrote it was SO powerful that he had to overload the floor with 750 kg of marble to avoid it from raising...

    However, reading first lines, he writes:

    The world's greatest double horn subwoofer; the highest efficiency ever obtained without using counterreaction and diffusers without crossover.
    Audio room size is 6.95 x 8.70 meters.
    Subwoofer horns are under the floor and a depth 1m each, so every horn is driven by 8 x 47cm woofers, for a total of 16 woofers.
    Total amount is 110 dB/W/m and each woofer can handle 400W so you can deal with 6400 watt overall. All techniques used made possible getting a final out pure and corrected frequency of 10-11Hz.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Just click on the American Flag.............it's much easier to read in English.:biggrin:
  5. Oh my goodness! I have seen some overkill setups before but this beats it all.
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