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Kara at dusk

Discussion in 'People' started by Nuteshack, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    35f2 @f2
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  2. Wonder that nobody responded yet. I like her smile, she's a beautiful girl. As for the nit-picking :wink: I find the background a little bit too busy.
  3. Beautiful.

    And so is the picture :tongue:

    Just out of curiosity, how close do you get for these portraits you take?
  4. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    thanks Daniel:biggrin:
  5. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    thanks Jimmy ...for this picture maybe 2-3 feet:smile:
  6. frede


    Dec 9, 2006
    Princeton, NJ
    Beautiful shot - I love the natural light in the evening.
  7. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    thanks Frede, best time to shoot less u get up really early (u animal) ..lol
  8. Duschoolboy


    Dec 17, 2006
    Nice shot Nute. I am partial to putting my subject to one side or the other. Its nice to have a good looking family.....the camera is kind of a magnet; naturally drawn to them.
  9. Kara has a very cute look about her. I like this shot.
  10. Another nice capture of a beautiful young lady.
  11. Glas


    Jun 17, 2007
    Makes me wanna go out and get the 35mmf2 :redface::redface:
  12. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    thanks Mike, Gordon, Roy ....;-))
  13. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    it's a dandy little prime, Glas...;-)
    ..good for floral, too
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  14. It's a good shot.

    I'd try to clean up just a little bit on her face as well as bring up a few of the shadows. I don't mean "clean up" as turning her head into plastic... but just some of the things on her cheek and that zit or whatever on her forhead (by the hairline) also drop down the lines under her eyes and the shadow around her nose. Actually, I'd just make another layer of her face (well a sloppy one) and bump the curves up just a little to bring out the shadows, then do a 50% or 60% opacity and merg the two together.

    but that's just my taste and what I would try to do.
  15. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    you're absolutely right, Andrew. i realise i'm guna have to learn this stuff in order to take my photog to the next level...unfortunitly i'm severely time restrained...thanks for the word...;-))
  16. no problem, just as long as you know how to do it when the time comes.

    but as far as time problems, I thought I was going to have a huge problem with an image and put off working on it... turns out it only took about 5-10 min to do and I got two of them done pretty fast.

    just a little rubber stamping (using it at 20% and under is a great way to take care of shadows), some of the clone tool, and a new layer then curves. To "mask out" the new later all you need to do is erase the parts you don't want - I rarely use the mask tool anymore since you're doing the same thing.

    however [ctrl] + [z] gets a lot of work, but that's pretty fast...
  17. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    i'm strictly one demensional at this point ...i really have no clue how to do layers and masking and all that. i'm sure i could wade through this one i got someone to help me get started...thanks again Andrew ...;-))
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