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  1. Here is my niece Katie. She is such a girly girl. Which is a good thing since I have three boys and my sister has a boy. She is my only niece!! Anyway I tried to get some good pics of her the other day but she wouldn't take her eyes off the boys. :wink: This is the best I could do. C/C always welcome. Thanks for looking.


  2. Sarah,

    It's nice but could be nicer with a simple levels adjustment. Not sure if you have Photoshop or not but if you open the Levels you'll see that there is a a big gap on the right side. Just slide the right side pointer to the left until it's under where the histogram begins I think you'll see a big improvement in the colors. I also think it could use some sharpening.

    BUT it is a charming image! Be proud.
  3. yes, what woody said. also, i'd love to see it from her level, aka you laying on the ground with the camera in front of her instead of slightly abover her. but yes, still charming and a cute little kid. haha
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    If you do have Photoshop, the only other thing that I would add is to clone out whatever is above and to the left of Katie's head.

    Your work is getting better with each post Sarah. I really like the feel of this portrait. Very nice!:smile:
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  5. I used "shadows and highlights"


    What a lovely girl.....Irish?

  6. JoeA

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    Many portrait photographers use an aperture setting of f5.6 to create a little blur behind the face. The area of focus would extend from the nose to just behind the ears. This makes the face stand out.

    Your niece is really a cutie!!!
  7. Cute picture Sarah, keep it up and watch for the moment.
  8. Thanks for the help. I do have photoshop and should really use it more. I opened the photo and did what you said. Big difference.

    Now I have to get to work I have alot of other pics to fix.

  9. Thanks Laura, you are so right I should be at her level!!

  10. Thanks for the help Rich. No she is not Irish but a little dutch girl. She is a real treasure to have around since I have 3 boys. Love her to pieces.
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