Kayakpolo / Kanupolo

May 16, 2007
Hi there.

Some sports shots from me, I hope you'll like it.

Cayakpolo (or Kanupolo in Germany) is a mix of basketball, rugby, and kayaking. The intention is to place the ball into the opposits goal, which sits about 2 m above water level. The ball is thrown by hand or tossed by paddle and must not be held for more than a few seconds. Check the web for details if interested, I'm only photographing it, not actively playing.

Even though the game looks quite rough sometimes, it's fair and no real injuries occurred. But of course, one shouldn't be afraid to get wet or to take a sip of the water.

The 80-200 AF-S on my D200 worked very well and provided a perfect range - from scene overviews to player portraits.

These are pictures from last saturday, taken at the "4th Ruhrwacht CityCup" an "Muelheim an der Ruhr" near Essen. The teams are all amateurs, which makes this sport very accessible for photogs like myself. Even the referee asked, where he should place himself, not to disturb me. Nice guys ...

Enjoy the pictures, comments and remarks are always welcome.



Btw.: The green water color is a result of the pools floor - not very natural, but inevitable.

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Some portraits:
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May 23, 2006
Hi Mattes, oh my goodness! Have not yet heard of this sport though I'm familiar with water polo. So it looks like playing water polo on kayaks.

Had a chuckle on #2 where the two players look like they are on friendly terms, then how on #3, apparently things have soured! :biggrin: It was nice of the referee to volunteer to stay out of your way; hope he was watching for fouls, you're right, some of the pictures you've posted do look like it can get rough. I remember my brother who used to play water polo long ago, telling me that there's all kinds of rough play going on under the water or when the referee isn't looking ...

That is quite the green water cast by the pool floor - not so pleasing to the eye but you sure did catch the energy and feel of the sport. You did great on that front. Thanks for sharing, I learned something new. :smile:
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