Kids in Contests

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  1. I shoot sports, especially College League baseball in and around New England. One of the charms of this caliber leaque is you get close-to-AA quality play, plus the hokiness of a home-grown, small-town mentality that can be lots of fun. Each of the Holyoke Giants games include a couple of between-innings games for child attendees. One of these is an ice-cream-bar-eating contest. Another is a race from home around the bases for two kids, one in each direction, in "cars" promoting the local dealership. All with parents and friends cheering them on, of course.

    Herewith two photos from yesterday's game contests:

    1/400, f4.0, 280mm, iso400

    1/400, f4.0, 280mm, iso400
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    The secnod image is just a riot:>)))
    Great shot

    First is cute to
  3. great faces Harry, especially #1
  4. Yeah, he was my favorite as well. He was intent on his ice cream bar when somebody in the stands shouted out, and he looked in that direction with that slight smirk. Priceless.