Kids' studio shots, need opinions please

Feb 1, 2005
SE Florida
Shot yesterday for the neighbors in exchange for some expert "puppy proofing" by the handyman dad.

Would like some opinions on the poses, and whatever else youlike to comment on. I'd esp like you opinions on Abby's Bike pose.

btw, this is my 1st portrait session with my D2X, and I have to say I love how it renders the skintones! Awesome camera!

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EXIF for all:

©2005 SRS Photo

[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section]
Nikon D2X

Focal Length: 60mm

Optimize Image:

Color Mode: Mode I (sRGB)

Long Exposure NR: Off

High ISO NR: Off

2005/04/17 09:48:06.4

Exposure Mode: Manual

White Balance: Flash -3

Tone Comp.: Less Contrast

RAW (12-bit)

Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern

AF Mode: AF-S

Hue Adjustment: +3°

Image Size: Large (4288 x 2848)

1/250 sec - F/4.5

Flash Sync Mode: Not Attached

Saturation: Normal

Exposure Comp.: 0 EV

Sharpening: Normal

Lens: 28-70mm F/2.8 D

Sensitivity: ISO 100

Auto Flash Comp: 0 EV

Image Comment:

[#End of Shooting Data Section]
Feb 20, 2005
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
These are great.

If they were of my grandson I'd make sure the WHOLE family got framed copies.

The only issue I have is with the red in the car. The blue looks rich and vibrant but the red looks a little "washed out".
Jan 26, 2005
Viera Fl
Curious as to why the faces are shadowed on the right sides of children. Is that the way it should be.

Great images. The parents will be thrilled.
Mar 8, 2005
North Dakota
steve, looks great...i think kids around that age...a pose is not necessary...being natural and doing something ie. riding a toy car...thats the best pose!!...maybe when they get a little older and have a good attention span then try some poses

just my 2cents
Jan 29, 2005
St. George, Utah
Very nice Steve, I especially like #2 and #3. For image #1 I think you had too much DOF and the image would have been improved if the background were slightly out of focus. I think you handled the lighting well and assume you used your main light to camera right but was wondering what you used to give some fill for the shadow side of the face? Also, what was the ratio main to fill.
Feb 1, 2005
Steve, I really like the second picture, but like Gale pointed out, you
might want to change the ratio on the lights and bring out the right side of
the faces a little more. That being said, they are all tons better then what
I could do. :?
Feb 1, 2005
SE Florida
Thnx everyone, the lighting explanation:

I feel it's important to have at some shadow modeling on a subject's face, otherwise, it becomes too flat and less 3 dimensional. I used a large softbox for the main, and a white disk reflector for fill, but probably didn't position the reflector to be very effective, and could've placed the main a teensy bit higher & more towards the front. When there's a lot of ambient light in the room, like there was yesterday from the overhead garage door being opened, and the sun shining, I really struggle with my reflector placement. (I shoot in my detached garage). I did use the Shadow/Highlight recovery tool in PS/CS, at less than 10%, but could hit it again with a little more to even it out before printing. I don't used any kind of light meter. It's all trial and error. Plus, they were moving in and out, all around, and I had to shoot fast, since they're attention span is very short. We'll see what the parents say about the proofs.

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