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Killdeer are pretty good at camouflage

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Louis Champan, May 18, 2007.

  1. Well done once again Louie. I have seen more Killdeer this year than ever before. Maybe it is because I am looking harder. Did you get any flight shots of them? They are sure hard to nail in flight. You must have been pretty close to these guys. I really like the soft tones of the background as well.
  2. Not really, Louie, for I can see the Killdeer in every photo posted! :cool: 

    Nice cirsp shots in gentle light. Well caught!
  3. Hi Nick, how are things going for you. Thanks for taking a peek at these shots. The Killdeer is sure an interesting bird to watch, they go through all sorts of antics to get you away from their nests.

  4. TimK


    Apr 17, 2006
    Hong Kong, China
    That's a funny name! It looks exactly like our Little Ringed Plover except that LRP has yellow eye ring and yours are orange!

    Ayways very nice captures, super details!
  5. Nice shots Louie did you get to witness the famous broken wing tactic from these birds
  6. Beautiful captures, Louie.
  7. Hey Louie,
    Monica and I are hanging in there. Monica's cancer seems to be on the retreat due to the chemo she is getting, so we are both pretty happy right now. We're living for the day and next week is as far away as next month.

    She will be a "photographers widow" tomorrow morning as I am going with a friend to Brazos Bend State Park (yet again), early, but I expect to get home noon-ish then have a shower and go down to her antique store at the antque mall and just hang out with her for a few hours. Life is good!
  8. Happy to hear the news Nick. Time is never on our side, so enjoy every moment.

  9. Thanks Phil.

  10. Thanks Jim. I'll tell you there sure were a bunch of them over in Coulee City. They are fun to watch as they try to distract you from getting anywhere near their nests. They'll begin acting as though they have a broken wings and limping etc. I think I might have a shot or two of that type behavior. Anyway, have a good time on your trip.

  11. Glacier


    Jan 17, 2006
    Boaz, Alabama
    Great captures Louie! These have it all!
  12. Fantastic Shots Louie
  13. Hey Louie I guess that killdeer is not as good as it thinks, seems you found it.:wink:
  14. tech1961


    Jan 28, 2007
    Houston Tx.
    Nice shots. I may be out at the Brazos Bend park tommorow myself. Good shooting.
  15. Thanks Tim. Can't say that I know where the name came from but they do look an aweful lot like a Plover. Fun to watch that's for sure.


  16. Hi Mike, thanks for commenting. Yes, I did see them doing this antic. They do that to try and draw predators away from thier nests I believe. Anyway, I think I might have gotten a shot of this activity..

  17. Thanks Andy.

  18. Hi Gary, thanks for taking a look.
  19. Hi Lou. You are correct I wasn't going to let this guy get away from me, or at least get a few shots of him. Thanks for commenting.

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