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king cobra tripod head

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dmwphoto, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Well Frank, I got my king cobra from Kirk enterprises today, just in time for the weekend shoot. I will give some feedback and ask you for some on your Wimberly. I guess your duck series tells us you are happy with it and the results certainly are stunning.
  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    I definitely like the results from the big W, but it is heavy and BIG. The heavy part doesn't bother me that much, and the big part wouldn't be quite so bad if there were an easy way to detach it from the tripod for carrying. As it is, I have to unscrew it off of the pod to store the whole thing in the truck. That ain't my idea of quick disconnect. :|

    So, for me the jury is still out. I'll be very interested in how you like the Kirk unit.


  3. Why don't you guys hurry up and buy a Jobu Black Widow to test along with the other 2? Then you can tell me which is really the best, lightest and easiest to use.

    I mean, you have 2 out of the 3 already, what's one more among friends?

    I'll even buy you a cup of coffee some day if you would do this for me....
  4. Bill,
    Let me get this straight......
    I think we need a third player :) 
    I used the king cobra today quite a bit and it is VERY smooth and easy to use. I can carry the tripod in my 36" manfrotto bag with the head attached, although protruding slightly. it really is pretty light (3 lbs) and makes panning a snap. I have never used or touched the wimberly so I can not say this is better in any regard. I can say I love how easy it makes using large glass.
  5. Well, I just figure that you guys are so much better than I am and that you could do such a much better job of doing a comparison and obviously you have all the connections to have the manufacturers send you one of each for an exhaustive test and yada-yada-yada aren't run-on sentences fun..... :wink:

    I am actually pretty settled on the Black Widow. It is lighter, a touch shorter and the reviews are superb. There are 2 others I have run into. One is made by Bogen, is only a bit over $150, and from what I have read I don't think it is nearly the same caliber as the three we are discussing. But then I happend on one made by the Ries Tripod folks. We have all heard of them, right :?: NOT :!: But it turns out they are from my neck of the woods:

    Unfortunately, they are "made to order" so going to see one is not as simple as walking into the store to look at them. I just hate buying stuff like this "sight unseen".

    My guess is that in this class they are all superb, and it more a matter of which you like than anything else.
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