Knut two months later

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  1. Yesterday I had to go watch Knut again. Got lucky and could see him a few minutes before the appearance was over. He's now nearly six months old, and weighs around 29kg.

    There wasn't much playing action to see as I came late and Knut was already tired (and cruddy as usual) after kidding around for nearly an hour. All he wanted to do is snuggle against his "mom" and suck his/her hand. Btw. bear cubs to a funny sound doing this, it's similar to a purring cat.

    Oh, and I found Knut now has a TV:

    Well, turned out to be a TV for the waiting masses on which they showed the DVD of Knut that all (local) people have seen already anyway.

    First peek:

    Mom's last attempts to animate him:

    Following mom...

    Knut snugging against mom sucking her hand..


    Enjoying the love as long as it lasts


    "Come on Knut, time for a nap, you're tired for sure."
    (The way "mom" looks I bet they were both swimming again before in the moat of the enclosure.)


    Although I had to wait quite a while to see our stars for just ten minutes, I enjoyed it to see them again. :smile::smile: Hope you do also.
  2. A great series, Daniel. Thanks so much for sharing these - nice to see the little guy growing up.
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Ohhh how sweet:>))
    He is getting big.
    Nice shots
    Thanks a bunch for the update:>))))
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