Kodak Warns Users: New CT Scanners at Airports Will Ruin Your Film

Jul 8, 2019
SF Bay Area, California, USA
Airport security sped up my switch to digital.

I had a TSA agent at SFO rip open my 120 film boxes, then rip open the film pouches and pulled out the rolls of film.
Then I saw what she was doing and yelled STOP !!!
The way she was going, she would have probably unrolled the film, to make sure it was film :confused:

I hate to think what she would have done with a box of 4x5 sheet film.

I also recall airports where the TSA agents would NOT do hand searches. EVERYTHING went through the X-Ray machine.
Arguing with them was futile, they are not going to back down.
They are in a position of power, and they know it. Submit to their process, or don't board the plane.

And all bets are off if you travel internationally, because laws, procedures and X-Ray equipment in other countries are different.

In the end, I gave up on film when I travel by air, and switched to digital for air travel.
It was just not worth the hassle and aggrevation.

BTW, they even have X-Ray machines in some public buildings. And those guys are not subject to the FAA regs, so they call the shots. X-Ray your stuff, or turn around and leave.

I still shoot film 35mm, 120 and 4x5. But only at home where I don't have to go through any security station.
Jun 1, 2009
Texas (KSKF)
If one is very deliberate with their shots, then I don't think film is really *that* expensive.

That being said, I am blessed with at least 2 labs here in SATX where developing, scanning, and printing costs are very reasonable.
Nov 10, 2008
Digital is only cheap for people who shoot thousands of pics. For a roll a week , film is cheaper. No doubt digital has convenience. A roll a week is generousness you can not visualize a picture before taking it.
Mar 16, 2005
I used to use those little bags that were supposed to protect film. Now we just need to worry about our digital sensors exposure to air travel and radiation.
I used to shoot about 600-1000 rolls/year. I went in to security when they were not busy in Anchorage,, and asked them if I could test those lead bags in their machine. I put my keys in the bag, folded it over twice, and my keys were easy to see on their monitor. I concluded that they did not protect film. I did have some film fogged by the scanners.
Mar 25, 2011
Just finished a roll of 36 Kodak UltraMax on my Minox 35GT.
Sending to development and print.
I know I will love most of them.
Next week my challenge will be 1 roll on F90X, black and white and will develop at home, then scan and print digitally.
All great fun.

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