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Labrador pup with 300 2.8

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by gnagel, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. I captured a few more photos of my brother's nine week old Yellow Lab this afternoon with the D700 and 300 2.8.

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    She's growing quickly! This was one from just a few weeks ago...

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    Thanks for looking...
  2. jshillhouse


    Apr 22, 2009
    cute dog, and great shots
  3. Thank you Jeff. I can hardly go wrong with this subject!

  4. The Nikon tele primes really are magic. I want 'em all, I'm in love with my 400 VR.

    Beautiful captures...

    Not only can you hardly go wrong with that subject, you can hardly go wrong with that piece of glass Glenn.
  5. Beautiful. Cute puppy.
  6. Thanks...

    I'm fortunate enough to own two of Nikon's tele primes--the 300 VR and the 200 VR. I try not to think about the 400 VR due to its cost, but it looks like another one of those magic lenses.

  7. Thanks for commenting Alex

  8. I told myself if I was ever fortunate enough to land one of these beautiful lenses, I would be happy, period.
    It's a wierd type of happy. I'm filled with happiness with regard to my 400, but the lust factor has now intensified.

    What a "wonderful" time for prices to go through the roof.:mad: 
  9. Well, at least I had my chance to purchase those two lenses before the prices skyrocketed. I bought the 200 f2 for just under $4k. I think it's up over $5k now...and that's been less than one year!

    I paid $4,500 for the 300 2.8. I haven't even checked the prices on that these days.

    I have no desire to sell either lens. In fact, I shoot more with these two lenses than any of my other lenses. The 300 2.8 is usually my "walk around" lens! :eek: 

  10. Uh oh Glenn, had better not let my daughter see these great shots of this most gorgeous pup!
  11. Walk around????:910:
  12. Thanks Rich...

    It's very tempting to want to bring the puppy home!

  13. I got my 70-200, 80-400, and 24-70 just under the wire. Was ready to pull the trigger on the 85mm f/1.4 when the sky fell.
    Sadly, I had to pay the extra tariff for my 400 but I tell myself I don't care.
  14. I know it sounds ridiculous. But, I carry the 300 2.8 around with me nearly all the time. Fortunately, my backpack easily supports it while is is attached to the D700. That makes things a lot easier.

  15. I do own the 85 1.4. However, I'm finding that I use that lens far less than any other lens I own. It's a great lens, but it feels like a waste having it sit on the shelf so much!

  16. Lovely portraits of a very cute model :) 
  17. it's just a question of time for you:smile:
    the disease starts slow and after you feed it once it begins to take over your every thought.....in the middle of the day you will start day dreaming of the next one, for you that's probably the 500 or maybe the 300, but eventually both for sure....

    The only cure is to buy them all:smile:
  18. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
  19. Thank you Maji
  20. Unfortunately, I suspect you are right about that!
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