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Ladies Volleyball

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Paul Dunlop, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Well I didn't expect to see my fiance for the day, as she was at a Volleyball tournament all day Saturday

    She called me at 10am and asked if I would come by to watch a game

    So I brought the camera and had an improptu shooting session
    I used the Sigma 24-60 f2.8 for all these shots - ISO was high most of the time - I started using Flash part way through, which helped, but dropped the speed to 1/200

    All in all, I got some OK shots - and some lessons learned for the next time

    The WB was adjusted on some of the pictures, but this will be a good test of my beginner editing skills as I try to recover some of the other pictures (yellowish and noisy)
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  2. tjk60


    Dec 4, 2007
    troy, mi
    Glad you tried something different! I'd use the 50 1.8 for the extra light. the last one was shot at f/4, so you'd pick up a lot. not sure what power the SB400 gives you but you can try bouncing it off the ceiling (set to manual full power) to get rid of the shadows.

    Welcome to the caves!
  3. yup - if I'd had the 50 that day I would have used it

    Just picked it up last night from my sister in law - she borrowed it for the last couple of months.....
  4. Good action. But, these are way too dark on my monitor. I would definitely do some levels adjustments if possible.
  5. they look very different than what i saw on my home computer last night

    i will need to do some calibrating for sure

  6. Help!

    I am confused

    the pictures i posted earlier are dull and close to b/w

    the pictures in Lightroom - AND as JPEG on my computer are colourful and just fine!

    When I upload them to Photobucket - something is happening

    Any ideas?

    I have other pictures on that site that are fine

    thanks in advance
  7. tlong


    May 25, 2008
    Southeast, USA
    Are they in sRGB? That is the best colorspace for web-viewing.
  8. weird - never had to do this before

    I edited the picture ON photobucket with their built in tools - I had to adjust the Saturation up

    here is the result - the After picture is what i see in Lightroom and on my computer

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)


    View attachment 254317
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  9. Not sure what is going on Paul. The after shot is very good and that is what I got when I downloaded it and did some adjustments in Photoshop. Weird!?
  10. OK

    When I ran the CS3 Image Processor to run my Action, I had Deselected Include ICC profile by mistake :frown:

    So from some quick research, I determined that I had esentially thrown out the colour information when I converted them to JPEG


    I am going to clear out the old pics and add the newly run JPEG's
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