Lake Texoma

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  1. Well, this lake is definitely flooded! The little roof top is actually a restroom, those are street lights in the water, the road is under water, and and the street signs are just about under too. Last I heard, the lake was 25 ft above flood stage. Hagerman Wildlife Refuge is even more flooded! Now the Ranger station isn't accessable except to turn in at a residential driveway, park and walk. Strangely enough, there really wasn't much to see and photograph, though I did take pics of the dam.

  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Oh my...
    That is way to much water
  3. Yeppers, it certainly is Gale! And if we keep getting more rain, we're gonna be in for more trouble! I don't even wanna thing about the cost of repairs and clean up when it's all over! Thanks for looking in!
  4. Good grief! That is really sad....I am wondering where all the animals and birds have been able to go... Gosh, your part of the country has been inundated and my part of the country is crying out for more rain!
  5. Hey Dianne -

    That is amazing, and is similar to what I saw a couple of weeks ago (but didn't photograph) while driving through Cheyenne Bottoms - a wetlands in central KS that also now resembles an ocean rather than a series of extensive lakes . . .

  6. I've never seen anything quite like that lake either! Found out too this lake is where I'll find my eagles come December! And yep, we've had too much rain, but hey, no rain today and they say no rain for 2 more days! As for the critters, dunno where they went either, but just hope they all got out.

    Last time I saw flooding was in 1980 something. It flooded so badly in Louisiana that Pres Reagan came down and filled a few sandbags. I saw his motorcade go by. Dunno what to think of the flooding here in TX.

    Thanks ya'll for taking a look!
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