Landing snowy egret

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Allan, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. I took this image while looking for shorebirds last week. It was landing in a muddy patch of ground exposed by receding tides. I like it because of the light.

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  2. Nice shot Allan, sweet light and nice feather detail.
  3. Very nice light on this one.
  4. Thanks Fred, Louie, and Gordon. This is not my usual type of shot - I cropped it more than I like. For that reason, i did not bother doing some of the things I would do on a less cropped shot (getting rid of some of the yellow grass) but I liked the light so I posted.
  5. Nice light and image Allan!
  6. Nice touch of light on a white bird. I like the crop dimensions. Any idea what caused the bubbles...a fleeing crocodile?
  7. Bugs, I can't think of anything else.
  8. Allan indeed this is nice light but I sure love the subject as well. Wish we had them here. Funny we do see the Great White Egrets here but not the Snowy egrets.
  9. I shoot so many in FL that I often just pass them by here. :) 
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