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Apr 21, 2006
Nashua, NH
I will ask this here and in the Apple section---

I want to ask a laptop question - partly PC vs Mac and partly what processor and amount of memory.

I have had Macs since 1987. Presently, I have a Mac Pro which I bought in 2006. I also have a PC laptop, which I bought for work (before I retired) where tehy would not allow Macs on the network.

I don't use a laptop much and I have a PC one - Sony with Pentium 4 (3.0 mhz) which is maxed out at 1 gig of memory.

When I travel - I take photos. This one is really slow. When I have an image open in NX1.3 it took over 35 seconds for the screen to go gray when I checked the double threshold button.

So, if I buy a PC, it probably will havec VISTA installed - what processor and how much memory?

If I buy a Mac, which model, size screen, and memory. It will come with 10.5.

Any opinions - I have CS2 on the laptop - will it work with VISTA?
Mar 14, 2006
New Jersey
I guess you have to first decide which path you want to continue to follow. Mac or PC. I used to be in your position, but followed the Mac Book Pro route. I kept a Dell notebook for a while for those apps that require a PC but now I have parallels running so my Dell just collects dust. I went with the fastest processor available at the time. I wanted more ram but the store would not install more for me. The Mac salespersn said if I wanted more memory I should order on-line. Since I needed it right away, I just picked up what they had at the store and just made sure it fit inside the notebook compartment of my ThinkTank along with my other gear.

In terms of processor and memory there's two schools of thought: 1) get the baseline sub $1000 model with whatever comes with it and replace every 12-18 months; or buy the biggest baddest machine you can afford and replace every 3-4 years. The 2nd strategy works best if you have someone to hand-off to. My kids now use my 3 year old G5 with 8gb of RAM. I replaced it with a 24 inch iMac. When I am done with the iMac, I may go back to a G5.

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