Laptop with 7 screens :)

Dec 16, 2006
South Florida
When I was a software developer I worked with two screens for years.

Since I retired I became an Options and Stock Trader. Four screens is a must as you need lots of information in real time. They are not expensive. I use four Dell Monitors.

The interesting gadget you may not know about are the lights on top of three of them

They are "BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading LED Monitor Light with Desktop Dial, Auto-Dimming and Hue Adjustment, No Screen Glare, Space Saving, USB Powered, Matte Silver" (description from Amazon).

  • They connect with USB to the monitor itself
  • They have no glare
  • Adjustable hue for cool or warm light
  • They consume no extra power as they are USB from the monitor itself, therefore they turn on and off with the monitor
With a lighted keyboard I can work in the dark (no room lights). Works very well.

Highly recommended
Feb 2, 2005
Maple Bay, Duncan, BC, Canada
Real Name
Andreas Berglund
When we ( I used to work in Windows Marketing a very long time ago) introduced multiple monitors in Windows 95, the press asked how many can you have, I had to call the developer to get the answer, it was 9 monitors max then. Why 9 I asked, he said that was all he had in his room to try it on...... Dont know if he was joking, and I don't know what the max is today, tried to Google it but got no answer.

Btw the demo was Microsoft flight simulator with a whole bunch of screens setup around you one behind you so you could see that way as well. Those where the days, I guess.....

I have 3 in my setup at home and it is confusing enough....
Feb 1, 2005
At work I run three 24" monitors, budget analyst so I need multiple spreadsheets and other programs open at once. At home I'm using at 27" iMac, I might change the office around and start using my MacBook Pro as my primary computer and run it with two 24" monitors.
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