Last Snowboard Competition of the Season

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by kirbdog, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. kirbdog


    Mar 28, 2006
    Whistler, B.C.
    The second last week of April Whistler hosted the World Ski and Snowboard Festival. It is one of the highlights of my winter as I design, build and maintain the Super Pipe on Blackcomb Mountain. I get watch and take photos of some of the best skiiers and snowboarders from around the world ride the half pipe I put so much into.

    Here are some of the best shots


    The light was really in and out during the entire event and I had to adjust prior to each shot but I did come away with several keepers. All photos that I posted were shot with 10.5mm fisheye and 12-24mm forcing me to get as close as I could. It is fun to in on the action as much as you can sometimes!

    Please let me know what you think and thanks for having a look.
  2. Kirby,

    I like these. as a ski racing sorta guy, I'm keen on learning from other folks who like freezing their butts off to take pictures, even if it a warm day at Whislter. I also appreciate that while you had some decent access, you didn't have the full rig set up of the guy with the monopod.

    It appears to me that you've pretty much nailed the exposure and WB, and the keepers you have are good. Send and email to Alpine Canada and you may get them published.

    Now, on my laptop, which is not calibrated, some of the colours appear to have an enhanced saturation. Did you do something in PP?
  3. kirbdog


    Mar 28, 2006
    Whistler, B.C.
    Thanks Mark, and yes all of these photos were edited with Aperture. With the overcast conditions it is easy to get an underexposed subject while the snow gets blown out. So I shoot slightly underexposed to get definition from the snow and add some light to the subject in post.
    I am still learning the tricks to Aperture so there is a bit to much contrast in a couple shots.

    The guy with the monopod (Justin) was remotely firing a Canon 5D with a 12-24mm lens. It was his first day trying out that rig and was getting about 1 keeper in 10. You got to try new things right.
  4. Ya, you do have to try new things.

    When dinosaurs ruled the earth, I shot for the university paper. I had a chance to shoot with some Toronto Star photographers (and the Globe) at some varsity games. That was when I learned that with sports, even the best take a lot shots to get the keepers.

    Seriously, if you're interested, I can PM you an email for the SRC magazine.
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