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Latest Wedding shoot

Discussion in 'Formal Portraits and Weddings' started by icecavern, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Shot another wedding on Wednesday, but due to work being crazy I've only managed to sort through some of them. Got the total down from 1000 to about 300 shots worth showing the clients ( when taking out multiples and focus errors )

    Here's the best shots though. Feel free to comment :) 






  2. And the second set






  3. They're a really nice set of images! I like the bride's stripy socks!
  4. Overall very nice photos. Some look to need a levels adjustment, being slightly underexposed and 10 has a slight green colorcast. Looks like the church has a cemetery next door, not to sure about the tombstones in the background.
  5. Snap96


    Jun 18, 2008
    Chicago, IL
    I can only comment as someone who knows just a little more than nothing about photgraphy so I could be way off base with my opinions.

    Overall, the pics look great.

    As Charles said, not too sure about the tombstones.

    #3 - I would think the bride/groom should be centered.

    #4 - The flower is a tad too distracting.

  6. Zee71


    Apr 1, 2007
    Queens, NY
    I like the series overall, but I would try to remove the tombstones in the background. Try to clone other areas from the image to remove the tombstones or try to adding some gaussian blur to throw the background out of focus. You also might want to consider cropping some of the images (like image #2 of the kids, this would remove some of the tombstones in the upper right area of the photo. All in all a nice job.
  7. tfboy


    Aug 22, 2008
    Berkshire, UK
    Hi Pete. Never thought I'd see you here too!

    Some good candids there :)  I did my first wedding the other day for a friend. Truly terrifying experience!
  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    On the gravestones in the background. Every church in the UK has gravestones all around, so they're always likely to be in the photos. However I guess they could be removed afterwards.
  9. ^ think ya might get in trouble for removing gravestones, WAY more than an ASBO roflmao :) 
    Funny just HOW different Churches are here in USA from my home Country UK. Not to mention the services and locations.

    Nice shots. Few tweaks and will be grrreat!
  10. You're probably right about the ASBO :lol:

    Thanks, lots to work on with my PP skills I think :smile:
  11. Had a play with #9 I think it looks a lot better

  12. It does look much better! The only thing I'd try, is to do a vignette, and see how that looks - that way the greenery at the top fades in a bit more. You could also whiten the teeth a little - I don't normally, but with so much white in the shot, it makes them look quite yellow. An easy way to do that, is to roughly select them, put them on a new layer, and then just desaturate the yellow channel.
  13. Hi Ed,

    Strangely I thought I'd added a vignette but it's not there clearly... ( Makes mental note not to edit in a rush )
  14. my favorites are:
    2, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 11

    #1 i can't see the people well/odd muted colors
    #3 it would have been better IF you had been in the MIDDLE of the aisle
    #4 is also nice

    the last one....
    more pp... to brighten up the couple and it would be a winner, as well

    a very nice series
    they folks will really like these
  15. If you use Lightroom 1, and you cropped it, it's worth knowing that the vignette is add pre-crop. Lightroom 2 solves that :biggrin:.

    Easily done though - especially when you've been editing hundreds of photos.

  16. All these were done in Aperture2, I just forgot to add the vignette back to the image :redface:

    Yeah I've been playing with LR2. I currently use Aperture but due to Apple being so slow with updates for new cameras ( I still can't process my D700 images for example without using NX2 to output to tiff ) I'm tempted to jump ship and move to LR2. The only thing with LR is that it doesn't seem as intuitive as Aperture and I spend a lot longer on each image.
  17. How is Capture NX? Is it worth getting to to make the most out of my RAW files?
  18. It's slow, crashes a bit, and takes ages to learn to use...

    But if you can suffer it, then it does make the most of your RAW files.
  19. Hmm, maybe I'll just stick with Lightroom then. . . it's fast, pretty stable, and I know how to use it. .
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