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le Tour de France

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rich Gibson, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Anyone else enjoying it as much as I am? Today's race was very exciting.
  2. I have watched the Tour for many years now and enjoy it very much. Of course I was a road bike rider for many years myself and still own a top line Bianchi with Campy equipment.
  3. So far so good--though news of the first positive drug finding is a bit disturbing.
  4. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    For a while there, I was splitting time between Raysball, Wimbledon and le Tour, but now I'm devoting 3 hours every possible evening to just le Tour. Even if I can't catch all the coverage in the evenings, I always manage to turn it on at 10:30pm on Versus and catch the last 10 minutes and the finish!
  5. I agree, it's hard to imagine why anyone would think they could avoid the microscopic scrutiny all the riders are under...and that Beltran is a former Lance (Postal) teammate...

    OTOH it's nice to see some of the 'no name' riders grabbing different stages.
  6. kiwi


    Jan 1, 2008
    Auckland, NZ
    loving the fact that an aussie will win
  7. If I understand correctly the drug problem is exactly why "no-names" have been winning. I enjoy watching the elation on their faces as they cross the line; it's refreshing and clearly great for the sport.

    One of the commentators mentioned a falling out between the French racing officials and the international sanctioning organization and that there are no judges from the international cycling sanctioning organization this year. What's the story behind that?
  8. in the post-"1 man dominates" era.... Le Tour has become INFINITELY MORE FASCINATING

    the race is awesome this year
    both ON and OFF the course
    great thread, rich
    it makes me happy that so many hear are enjoying it as well
  9. Way cool. Thanks Rich.

    Yes the absence of a single dominant star makes for day to day suspense and lets you find out so much more about all the other riders!
  10. At first I thought that lack of recognizable names would make it uninteresting but thanks to our DVR I've become hooked and watch the morning real-time presentation by Versus. What makes it better is I get to skip over the saturation commercials...especially the SAAB "one".....as if recycling the exhaust for turbocharging has anything to do with recycling.

  11. Oh my--marketing at its worst! Can't wait for the Olympics when we will find that Coke is a sports drink!
  12. as a road biker I surely enjoy this. I ride 75-200 miles per week. Some of the tour is spectacle the rest is athletic. I do enjoy reading about it.

  13. LOL
    that is hysterical
  14. ..they'll just add a little green tea to it......:rolleyes: 
  15. Another great finish. I can't believe no one crashed on that final right turn.
  16. i agree, rich
    what a great tour this year, so far
    very exciting
    the way it always should have been.... instead of some drawn-out, seemingly pre-ordained coronation
  17. great stage today in the rain. I went out for a ride today, only did about 35 miles, and I'm thinking, those guys are riding 4x as much, and a lot faster than me. whew!
  18. So strange...The Tour in Holland is mostly followed by radio cause its during daytime while we are all on our work.For years i have lived for the Tour.National radio had a daytime program hosted by Theo Koomen.Live from the tour.A great programm with French music and lots of 'know abouts 'from the places the Tour passed.The man had so much spirit that you thought you were following the tour IRL insted of by radio.I had the radio on all day.When i heard the tune:"N.O.S TOUR FLITS" i dropped what i was doing to listen.Than Theo got killed by a accident.Since than the tour wasn`t like it was for years.Than NOS hired Jaques Chapel.A man with the same spirit as Theo.Sadly this year,one year for his retiremend and two weeks for his last Tour ,Jaques passes away.The tour will never be the same.
    I have hardly listend this year.
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