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Le Tour starts in London on Saturday

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bob the Spiderman, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Last year I forecast that Floyd Landis would win, yet that win was tainted and is still not resolved, so who is going to win this year?
    Landis-Basso-Ulrich are out so where does that leave us?

    Oscar Pereiro- Alexandre Vinokourov-Alejandro Valverde-Carlos Sastre-Levi Leipheimer-Cadel Evans-Andreas Kloden. Your guess is as good as mine or do you have a firm favourite?

    I would be interested to know what you think, but please can you leave your views on the drugs problems in this sport out of this thread.
    Thank You. Bob F.
  2. wbeem


    Feb 11, 2007
    Sanford, FL
    William Beem
    Never heard of any of them. Let me know when we have a MotoGP thread and I'll toss my comments out, though.
  3. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    You forgot Michael Rasmussen and Menchov on that list. Valverde would be a guess but of course I'd rather see Carlos Sastre up there as he rides for a Danish team.
  4. I have watched the tour for years and always had a favorite but this year I do not. For obvious reasons I would like to see Levi do well. Perhaps a new superstar will emerge this year. Poor Jan Ulrich, he never was quite able to put it all together and now he never will.
  5. satelite seven

    satelite seven

    May 14, 2006
    its real great to see the tour starting in London, another big coup for this GREAT city!!!!!
  6. That's a great question Bob. There is a large group of riders that could take it all and I believe it the outcome will ride on the strength of the team. I've heard Astana may be one of the strongest teams with Vinokourov, Kashechkin and Kloden. Hard to choose one and I don't believe there are any clear favorites. CSC would be another strong team.

    Personally, I would love to see Leipheimer out there and he's been rather quiet this season, almost Lance-like. He did admit that he was too early with preparations last year, by nearly a month! Given his performance last year, I wouldn't be surprised to see him with a top 10 finish.

    I anxiously wait to watch the prologue on Saturday!

  7. My sentimental favorite is Levi. Perhaps it will be an exciting Tour this year. Although one can rest assured "some" of the participants are gambling on not getting caught and are cheating, it would be great to see what top athletes can do on native ability and not tricks.

    Thanks, Rich
  8. Here Here! I'm up for another shoot...:smile:

  9. weekend of 23/24 June 2007 they lay out the first 2 stages from London to Canterbury, and allowed the public to ride the course.

    My Boss is a keen cyclist and went along - very good stage apperently.

    Next weekend he's off to France to ride one of the mountain stages - they close the road off for the day - you have to register for this event and complete it in a set time.

    Cool idea - would love to be there for some of the hill climb shots - and the descents !
  10. Vino and Kloden have to be favorites. Valverde too. Levi could be a dark horse, but it remains to be seen can he stay at that high level for 3 solid weeks. Dare we Yanks hope for a podium finish for him? But mainly lets hope for a clean race. The doping sure gets tiresome. BTW, I, for one, believe Floyd.

    I'd sure love too be there, camera in hand....
  11. gvk


    Jun 17, 2005
    Mystic, CT
    I have been an avid cyclist and a cycle racing fan for more years than I care to count. However, I no longer have any interest in watching drug saturated freaks compete. My prediction is that it will take at least a generation to clean up cycling. However, this healing process will not even start until the sponsors of cycling teams realize that fans have lost interest. I am hoping that this is the year that public ennui begins to wake these idiots up.
  12. morcguy


    Dec 29, 2006
    Interesting that there are so many cycling fans here. My vote for Vino or Kloden, probably Kloden.
  13. I wish people would read my opening to this thread.:mad: :mad: :mad: It would be difficult to make it any plainer.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: 

    Are we going to open with a UK winner on thre first day? It could well be the case.

    Bob F.
  14. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    No, Cancellara wins the opening stage.
  15. Did Cancellara take a short cut? Strewth, 13 seconds is a massive margin.

    Anybody have a bet on a Swiss triple? Alinghi-Cancellara and Federer!!:eek: :eek: :eek: 

    Bob F.
  16. Right on Torben! Cancellara SMOKED the opening stage! Good call.
  17. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    The reason he was on the team.
  18. What a finish.:biggrin::biggrin:

    Where did Robbie McEwen come from?:eek: :eek: :eek: 

    The last time I saw him he was trying to catch the peleton

    Bob F.
  19. A VERY exciting finish! Any word on his wrist? He seemed very concerned about it at the ceremony and after. When he donned the green jersey he favored it a lot.

  20. Did you see the crash on the small island? The way the 2nd fellow (in light blue, don't know his name) went down, hard, on his coccyx, I figured he was going to be down for awhile, but he got right back on his bike, whew!

    The announcers mentioned how they typically have police standing there to blow whistles and warn the riders, it's a bit tough to see the traffic islands when you're in the thick of the peloton.
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