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Leaf(s) up close

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by Kevin Scott, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Had a few similar-styled shots of leaves so thought I post them in a series. These were taken at my visit to Leu Gardens in Orlando (see post in Places to Shoot for additional info/pics).

    I liked the colors and contrast in these first two shots of close up leaves.


    I got stuck in the rain and wasn't familiar with the park so just waited underneath a humongous cypress tree! I looked down and saw this, so I took a picture of it, what else? ;) 

    Once the shower stopped, I continued my walk and liked the contrast of straight lines of the leaves and the round water drops.

    Hope you enjoy. Comments/feedback appreciated!
  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that you are enjoying this hobby just as much as I am. :lol:

    Great huh?

    Excellent series. 8)
  3. Kevin,

    I love this series, especially the last two images. It reminded me of a pine cone picture I took a few months ago. It was bathed in shadows and sunlight, very serene, just like your leaf. Thank you for sharing! 8)
  4. They are all nice but #2 is the one i like the most.
  5. Kevin, excellent series. The first two almost look like IR to my eyes... but my favorite is #4.

    Keep up the good work!
  6. Kevin

    Very nice set of images. Leaves always have alot of interest usually due to the texture or shape. The first two have remarkable colours - as pointed out an almost IR feel about them.

    #4 is my favourite - probably due to the droplets and the eye being led down the funnel.

    #3 - I find a little distracting - not entirely sure why. The leave is great, spot on focus, good position - its the background and the reflections that distracts me. There is some sort of ripple in the top right third that draws my eye away from the leaf. It could be my monitor of course :D 

    Addictive, ain't it ?
  7. Hi Kevin,

    These are beautiful, the colour, the pattern, the abstract composition, the lot. Great work!

  8. Kevin,
    Isnt it grand how ones imagination is challenged under these conditions? You have done a masterful job here. The last one "speaks" to me.
  9. Kevin,
    Isnt it grand how ones imagination is challenged under these conditions? You have done a masterful job here. The last one "speaks" to me.
  10. so i stutter.........
  11. biggstr6


    Apr 26, 2005
    LOL @ DAve

    Kevin , Good job ,THe last one is my favorite as well.
  12. Wow! Lots of visitors! Thanks everyone for the kind words!

    These were all done in one of my first outings with the 60mm micro. It was kind of awkward squatting and twisting trying to get those first leaf shots but I think it was worth it.

    Simon, I understand your comment. To me it almost seems as though there are two warring factions working in the picture. The solo leaf and the ripples in the water. I only took two shots of it and the other suffered from hand shake. I thought it would make an interesting shot not only because of the subject but also because it was lightly raining and the rain drops were falling into this little puddle. It was a rather strange sight as there was standing water, sand sediment on the walkway, sky reflections and rain drops. Maybe too many elements in one shot?

    I have to chuckle to myself at times when I hear how unforgiving the D2X is. That leaf in the puddle picture was borderline, as shot. With a little tlc in PS, I think it turned out great. I almost trashed both shots but figured what the heck. I am finding, though, that some shots can handle a substantial amount of sharpening while others need "just a dash".

    Thanks again everyone (and thanks again a 2nd time for you, Dave ;) ) for looking and commenting.
  13. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    I'm finding exactly the same thing with the D2H. If there is any tendency for fringing (strong back lighting for example), I back way off Ron R's recommended USM setting in NC, or I get a bad halo around the subject. OTOH several of the macro shots that I got were left with full NC USM, as they had no back lighting at all (flash was the main light source).

    I also find that there is a wide range needed to do the final USM touch-up in PS CS after resizing the shot for web display. On some, I set the sharpening layer to near 90% opacity. On others, less than 20%.

    On a side note, I sure like the FM Resize Pro and Intellisharpen II plug-ins. Not only do they allow a great deal of fine tuning, but they definitely reduce noise, so I'm able to use ISO 320 almost without concern, and even ISO 400 or 500 with just a little noise in the darker areas.
  14. Great shots Kev, isn't it neat how you can make beautiful pictures out of something as simple as a leaf. Well done, I can't pick a fovorite because they are all unique and special in their own way.
  15. They are very nice, Kevin. Especially the third one.
  16. Great job Kevin. They all are wonderful.
  17. Thanks Vinh and Cindy! It's nice of you to stop by, look and comment! :) 

    Gordon, you're right. I am trying to work on looking at things as photographs rather than just seeing things with my eyes. It's amazing what you "see" by doing that. The most mundane object suddenly becomes something to shoot. I'm working on some shots of rust right now! :shock: They're cool though.

    Frank, I haven't determined what conditions must be true re: the sharpening tolerance of the files. It seems to me that my rose shots were particularly tolerant whereas my birdies aren't quite so. Maybe it has to do with larger patches of similar colors or something. Heck I don't know...I just got the darn camera thing figured out! ;)  Anyway, I'm still using Jean-Pierre's (hope I remembered his name correctly) suggested settings and process and am VERY happy with what that does. I'm beginning to experiment a little more with that but I seem to be getting consistent results.
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