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Leaving Montréal - One last picture from a former life I knew

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Candidcameraman, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Yesterday as I was leaving Montréal for Toronto I took a few last pictures... Am I leaving Montréal for good only to visit every so often, I will no longer earn a living there... I hope so, with my father's passing and my sister in Florida the only attachment I have left in Montréal is my partner, my girlfriend, as such I will visit every two three weeks but otherwise I left for good.

    One of the signs we arrived close to Montreal as a kid when driving downtown specially during the winter holidays was the "Farine Five Roses" light up sign you could see from the Champlain bridge... Yesterday on a rainy day I noticed it had seen better days... Still another memory another memento from days long gone.

    Montréal, I will not miss you as a city since I will keep my memories of good times spent with loved ones there and I will visit my significant other as often as I can, I am not done with you yet as a city but I may never live there again.

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    Who knows what the future holds, I have miles to go before I sleep, I have miles to go...
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  2. Toronto awaits you, Dude. I know it's tough leaving Montreal.... but Toronto welcomes you!

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  3. Lowolf


    Jan 26, 2006
    very nice images
  4. jaleel


    Apr 3, 2007
    Toronto, Canada
    hey Dude - Welcome to Toronto
    Though it's not the same as Mtl, you'll quickly find out there's tons of places to shoot and lots of new people to meet! =)
  5. Dude........... good luck and fortune on your new life....

  6. Montreal is a great city, but you are moving to another one that has alot to do, see and take photos of. I lived in TO for about 4 years back in 2000-2004 and had alot of good times there. Now I am back in Steeltown tho, little more laid back.
  7. Thanks, I grew up in Montreal and did spent the last 8 years in Toronto, only went back for the last 6 months or so. Torontois now my home and I am glad to be back.I think Toronto is a better city in many ways, much better. Glad to be back home, Toronto is now where I feel at home.

    Thank you :smile:

    Thank you, of course it is not the same, in my humble opinion, is a much friendlier and all around better city :smile:

    Thank you.

    Not difficult at all to leave Montreal, I couldn't wait to get back to Toronto ever since I left for Montreal last September. It would have been difficult if my father was still alive but no more. Piece of cake... Now if only I could find a place to live downtown :rolleyes:  :smile: :biggrin:
  8. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    i don't know how u all can handle it, living in the city that is ....:eek: 
  9. Well that's easy

    I wouldn't have it any other way - I love being surrounded by people and I grew up in the suburbs, a very very boring suburb plus cottage country, the Eastern Township in Quebec where I spent my summers and winter weekends.

    When I get older (mature that is) I'll settle down and buy a town house or a condo downtown where I can walk to a movie theater, the opera, work and go grocery shopping at a 24 hour place after a late night show - all within walking distance surrounded by people yet I can be alone if I want to, that's the charm of the city :smile:
  10. What struck me from day 1 in your posts was your constant bitternes towards montreal and constant striving for Toronto. I don't quite understand those fixations and them being spread out publicly but since it makes you happy, good!
  11. My apologies

    Sorry but you are right, it is just that yes, Montreal is a great city - to visit - I would not live there anymore unless work sent me there for a few months once more.

    Contrary to most people I know (like 99.9% of them) based on my own limited experiences I think Toronto is a better city for many reasons, they both have their charms but in the end Toronto is a better city for me.

    For many reasons today I think Toronto is the greatest city in the world, I don't mind stating such things openly and tomorrow - who knows? I am a bit fickle but alas this isn't a blog (And that's a good thing :rolleyes: )

    Bitter against Montreal, I didn't think so, Toronto feels like home in a way Montreal never did.
  12. I know you had Toronto in your heart all the time. We are all allowed to have our preferences, whatever they are. I am happy for you that you will find yourself "back home".
    I enjoyed meeting you and wish you happiness and the very best of success with your new endeavors.
    I look forward to your continued posts in the Cafe!
  13. As far as living in a city, I couldn't make the living I do without living in a city. I love the social life, the restaurants, the food markets, everything is a $5 cab ride away. The theatres in the winter, the street festivals in the summer. People around if you want, or tranquillity if you so desire.

    Toronto Islands are a fantastic escape and if you 'learn' them, you'll soon discover that they're not all cut grass and screaming kids. There's a wonderful large section of the Islands which is totally wild. Dozens of nesting Black Crowned Night Herons, a few Great Blues, and then of course, we have my lovely swan families. There are the neighbourhoods on Wards Island and Algonquin Island.

    I love this city. I've travelled all over the world, to many cities and countries, and I still prefer to live here. I live in a little village inside the city. I can forget my wallet and still get home with groceries! How many people can say that!?? People say they prefer the small town atmosphere. Well, it's alive and well, and living right here too.

    Glad to have you back, Dude. The city missed you too. You're home now.
  14. When the weather gets a bit warmer and the flowers start popping up, my wife and I will be travelling to the Toronto Islands, they are a great spot to shoot some photos.
  15. I was going to say, aren't both of those cities really cold during the Winter?

    Same difference!

  16. So long Dude. I did not have a chance to meet you in Montreal but I'm really happy for you if you feel happy moving to Toronto.
  17. Ed Ed Ed Ed ... tsk tsk tsk! I'm going to maybe shock some people but both cities are garbage, if you ask me. California is the place to be, IMHO.
  18. Then why am I so anxious to leave?

    I don't mind the snow really. I've lived in Massachussets, Chicago, Denver, Buffalo, etc.

    I keep thinking we would make great Canadians. Shame it's such a pain to cross the border.

    Granted I would vote for Vancouver. :biggrin:
  19. Anxious to leave? Up and down the west coast is all the same to me, Ed! :smile:

    Don't tell me you liked buffalo?!?
  20. I don't remember very much about it.

    We are likely to end up in Portland.
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