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Lens Lust forum just isn't the same

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by RichNY, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. RichNY

    RichNY Guest

    since Paul Lindqvist was posting here. His images and lighting were among the very best on the Cafe and I miss his helpful comments and suggestions. Has anyone else noticed his absence?

    For those of you who have been active on this site far longer than I have are there other past members who have stopped posting and are also missed?
  2. panda81


    Feb 7, 2008
    I noticed it too. I didn't want to ask anything because I wasn't sure if there was some odd drama that made him turn away :eek: 
  3. Gary Mayo

    Gary Mayo Guest

    New enough here I do not remember him, but old enough here to know the forum gods do not like drum wrestling in the bushes. lol

    If we can turn this into a missing in action thread, I miss Gale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
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  5. RichNY

    RichNY Guest

    Paul is now back.

    Gary- Who is Gale? I never had the pleasure of reading any of his posts.
  6. Gary Mayo

    Gary Mayo Guest

    Girl Gale, with the flashing yellow bug! She had 37 thousand posts and I miss her, wish she would come back!

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  7. :) 

    Yea my 60-day ban is lifted (or as somone else wanted to call it, suspension..)

    So im free to post, for now. .-)

    Hope you guys been well!

    Thanx Rich,Doug,Greg and everyone else who emailed me, and sorry for the late reply. .-)
  8. Gary Mayo

    Gary Mayo Guest

    Hello Paul! We have not yet met.

    I am surprised to here about 60 day bans here. This is not DPReview!

    Glad you are back!
  9. Why were you banned? I'm probably borderline. :wink:
  10. RichNY

    RichNY Guest

    I'm surprised Zeiss didn't pay bail to get you back posting sooner- I'm sure they've noticed a dip in sales when you weren't here posting those amazing images :) 
  11. RichNY

    RichNY Guest

    I think Paul needs a new Avatar- maybe wearing something in either a classic black and white prison outfit or one of those more modern orange jumpsuits :wink:
  12. Hi there, and Thanx. :) 

    Oh you dont want to open that can of...:biggrin:

    Hehe, yea iv been sitting by the phone for 60-days. :biggrin:

    Thanx. :smile:

    LOL, yea that would do it. Funny thing is i saw the movie harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay(terrible movie btw) the other night.

    Some might claim that Kumar and i look way to alike.. :biggrin:
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2008
  13. Welcome Back Paul.
  14. RichNY

    RichNY Guest

    I haven't seen that movie yet but I've seen their White Castle movie a few times.
  15. Gary Mayo

    Gary Mayo Guest


    I dug in and read some of your old posts.

    You have a head on your shoulders, and question things. No wonder you were banned!

    Promise me you will tow the party line and just do what you are told. lol

    Where did you get your camera forum fix while you were away?

    I was banned from DRReview for telling everyone Phil was out spending his new found money and no longer reviewing cameras (which was true). My ban is longer than 2 months. I am still banned, that was over a year ago. Posted there almost ten years!

    I miss some of my friends but I do not miss the sharks that churn those waters. Some of the people are not very nice.

    It takes moderators to ban someone, yet I have noticed most of the moderators here are very nice people. One even confided in me he wished he was not a moderator so he could just post here again (a very human thing to say.)

    (the guy in the funny hat, what is up with him? (just kidding Phil, are you having a good vacation?)

    Anyway glad you are back on the team.

    Is Lens Lust your thread of choice?

    It is where I spend some time as I am lens lustful. (I guess that is what I am:) 
  16. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  17. I never heard of banning someone from posting before and I can say that some of the nicest people and moderators I had the pleasure to deal with are here.
    Paul I do not remember, being so young to the forums, seeing any of your previous posts but I certainly look forward to get more familiar with your work. I can see that fellow photographers miss you.
    Obviously, we all have to abide by the rules, here or in the societies where we live. I have learned more about driving when I have been served with a fine so even unpleasant experiences could be very beneficial for the future.
    Good luck and let's see those pictures back.
    William Rodriguez
    Miami, Florida.
  18. I consider Paul to be one of the most informative members here on NC...
    His photography skills are excellent...and I like his style...
    tells it like it is...
    welcome back Paul....:biggrin:

    if I ever got banned from a forum...whether it be photography or cycling...
    I would not return... they are not that important...:eek: 

    probably now get banned...:biggrin:
  19. Phillip Ino

    Phillip Ino

    Nov 26, 2007
    Welcome back Paul! Glad to see you back around :biggrin:
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